PRODUCT: Recreational Report (REC)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter C-21, Section 4.4.4

ISSUED BY: Limited/Selected/Authorized NWSFOs/NWSOs

PURPOSE: The REC is a product to relay reports on conditions for resorts and recreational areas and/or events. This report may also contain forecast information. Reports for recreational areas and resorts are often routine products, typically for a season, but possibly year-round.

CHANGES: None anticipated.

COMMENTS: There are few REC's authorized in the SR. Most non-seasonal, non-routine needed recreational information is available in the local area forecast, watches, warnings, SPSs, PNSs, etc.

CONTACT: Buddy McIntyre, W/SR1x3
Public Service Dissemination Meteorologist
(817) 978-2367 Ext. 158

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Last updated November 26, 1997
Susan Beckwith