SERVICE: Answering Public Telephones

REFERENCE: WSOM, Chapter C-61 (plus OMLs 6-78 & 14-79) and WSOM, Chapter A-06 (portions pertaining to public service)

PARTICIPANTS: All offices with public service responsibility.

PURPOSE: To provide limited non-routine assistance to NWS customers during "normal" business hours.

CHANGES: Chapter A-06 describes what type of information NWS office staffs are allowed to disseminate via the telephone. Private vendors have assumed the responsibility at many locations.

COMMENTS: Chapter C-61 is quite antiquated (1977/78 vintage). It may be updated in 1997. Many changes have been implemented because of changes in technology and service requirements.

CONTACT: Buddy McIntyre, W/SR1x3
Public Service Dissemination Meteorologist
(817) 978-2367 Ext. 158

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Last updated November 26, 1997
Susan Beckwith