PRODUCT: Public Information Statement (PNS)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter C-21, Section 4.5.3

ISSUED BY: All Warning Offices

PURPOSE: The PNS is a non-routine, single message product designed to provide information about non-hazardous topics not covered in other products. It can be used to advise the public of current or expected events that may include: unusual atmospheric phenomena such as sun dogs, halos, etc.; stories about a long-term dry/cold, wet/warm spell; public education information/activities such as storm safety rules, awareness activities, storm drills; information regarding service changes (CWA/HSA responsibility transfers), interruptions due to reduced or lost power or equipment outages (NWR); to provide special information clarifying interpretation of radar data which may be mistaken for precipitation (such as chaff drops, etc., that may produce echoes on the radar display). The Station Duty Manual (SDM) may contain specific PNS examples for your station/area.

CHANGES: None anticipated.

COMMENTS: The PNS should not be used as a vehicle to pass-on routine, regularly scheduled information. Non-weather related announcements may be permitted (Ref. WSOM C-64, Section 5.2.4...messages requested through official channels by DOC/NOAA). If doubt exists whether a message meets PNS criteria, it should be coordinated with SRH MSD. The PNS should not be a substitute for CEM, RER, etc.

CONTACT: Melinda Bailey, W/SR11x5
Public and Marine Services Meteorologist
(817) 978-2652 Ext. 107

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Last updated Aug 31, 2000