SERVICE: NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) Rental Leases

REFERENCE: See Contact below.

ISSUED BY: Mountain Administrative Support Center (MASC) in Boulder, CO

PURPOSE: The NWS is not in the commercial or private tower business, so it is necessary to obtain tower/equipment space for NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) from the private sector. Thus, it is necessary to enter into a lease arrangement with others to host the NWR equipment to make the NWR service available.

CHANGES: The ASC's may consolidate as Government is "reinvented" and "downsized." Some of the Lease functions of MASC may transfer to CASC (Central ASC) in Kansas City, MO.

COMMENTS: Leases are handled by the Real Property Management Division in the ASC (MC43). Lease periods may last only from 3-10 years and are valid until canceled by either party. Some leases include monthly rent, utilities, emergency power, etc., while others may be gratuitous (free). If "free" space is provided, an acknowledgment is normally included in the NWR ID about the "public service contribution" by the Lessor. Antenna space is generally requested at the 300-500 foot level on towers to obtain a 40-mile radius service area from the transmitter site. There are around 70 NWR Leases in the SR (remaining sites are covered by contracts, Cooperators, or are "free"). Lease renewals are coordinated with SRH MSD before being finalized by the ASC. Adjustments to Base (ATB) are made to cover inflationary and other operational cost changes.

CONTACT: Buddy McIntyre, W/SR1x3
Public Service Dissemination Meteorologist
(817) 978-2367 Ext. 158

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Last updated November 26, 1997
Susan Beckwith