PRODUCT:  Hurricane Local Statement (HLS)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter C-41, Section 6.1

ISSUED BY:  All Coastal Warning Offices and Inland Offices Receiving Tropical Cyclone Effects

PURPOSE:  The HLS is a short-fuse product designed to keep local emergency managers, the media, and the public advised of present and forecast tropical cyclone effects in their CWA.  The HLS is complimentary to the advisory packages issued by NHC, and serves to add additional detail to the broad-based statements usually contained in the NHC advisories.

CHANGES:  A new version on C-41 was issued in the summer of 2000.  The purpose of the HLS remains unchanged, and should be issued when the local office’s area of responsibility is affected by: 1) a tropical cyclone watch/warning, 2) evacuation orders, or 3) rumors that the MIC believes should be countered by appropriate statements.  Refer to Section 6.1 in the new chapter for details.

COMMENTS: Unlike NHC advisory products, the HLS should not be numbered.  It should not repeat all of the information available in the NHC advisories.  Instead, it should concentrate on local effects and preparedness actions while repeating only the most important information from the NHC products.  HLSs should take on a “segmented” approach, with separate headings for each significant topic.

CONTACT:  Larry Vannozzi, W/SR1x4, (817) 978-2652 x 106

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Last updated September 14, 2000
Dianna Taylor