PRODUCT:  Flood Warning (FLW)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter E-42, Section 5.3

ISSUED BY:  Offices  with HSA Responsibility

PURPOSE:  The FLW is an urgent notification that river flood conditions are forecast, imminent, or in progress.  It is used to notify local media, government agencies, and the public of the increased threat to life and property.

CHANGES:  Consult the latest guidance from SRH HSD for a listing of offices who have HSA responsibility and their areas of concern.

COMMENTS: As indicated above, the FLW should be issued when river flooding is occurring or expected to occur.  Besides the required communications and MND header information, FLWs shall contain the name of the issuing office and specific areas or communities along the river which are expected to be impacted.  The FLW should contain the height and time of the flood crest for forecast points, along with flood stage at each of these points.

CONTACT:  Larry Vannozzi, W/SR1x4, (817) 978-2652 x 106
   Ben Weiger, W/SR2, (817) 978-2674 x 118

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Last updated September 14, 2000
Dianna Taylor