PRODUCT:  Flash Flood Statement (FFS)

REFERENCE: WSOM Chapter E-20, Section 8

ISSUED BY:  All warning offices

PURPOSE:  The FFS is used to provide follow-up information regarding a flash flood watch or warning.  When used during a flash flood watch, the FFS contains information regarding large-scale features and how they are affecting the flash flood potential.  When following up a warning the FFS describes the location of heavy rain areas and their expected movement and impact over the next 1-2 hours.

CHANGES:  No significant programmatic changes have taken place during the past year.

COMMENTS: The FFS should provide updated information on flash flood watches and warnings.  The NOW should be the primary source of short-fuse information during non watch/warning situations.  Information contained in the NOW should complement any FFSs in effect, and may include the location and movement of heavy rain areas and ground-truth rainfall reports.  Since heavy rain and flooding are significant threats to life and safety, call-to-action statements should be included in FFSs.

CONTACT:  Larry Vannozzi, W/SR1x4, (817) 978-2652 x 106

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Last updated September 14, 2000
Dianna Taylor