SERVICE: NOAA Weather Radio (NWR) State Maintenance Contracts

REFERENCE: See Contact below.

ISSUED BY: Mountain Administrative Support Center (MASC) in Boulder, CO

PURPOSE: Beginning in the late 1970s, NWR Maintenance Contracts were established with 4 SR states (NM, MS, AL, and GA). The contract is with the Educational Television (ETV) system in MS, AL, and GA, and with the Bureau of Radio Communications in NM. Per the contract, ETV or State officials provide NWR maintenance and, in many cases, tower space for the transmitting equipment. In some cases, the contract includes utilities. The NWS provides the hardware, spare parts, and technician training. The contracts are usually issued for a 3-5 year period. Updates and changes are coordinated with SRH (MSD/SOD). The contracts are executed by the Contracting Officer at MASC (MC31). "Contract" maintenance means less maintenance by NWS personnel.

CHANGES: The ASC's may consolidate as Government is "reinvented" and "downsized." Some of the contracting functions of MASC may transfer to CASC (Central ASC) in Kansas City, MO. Until around 1990, there were also Personnel Contracts for NWR Broadcasters (where non-NWS personnel provided the labor for the NWR broadcast at SR offices which had 3-5 NWR consoles). When these contracts were discontinued, the work was absorbed "in-house" by NWS personnel.

COMMENTS: The NWR Maintenance Contracts are administrated by the ASCs as they are usually big budget/procurement items. In addition, they have the personnel trained in contract/procurement areas. SRH provides input about the specifics of the NWR program via a Statement of Work (SOW) with the Contract which is updated as needed. Usually, the Area Electronics Supervisor (AES), Regional Maintenance Specialist (RMS), or SOD NWR Focal Point serves as the COTR for the contract.

CONTACT: Buddy McIntyre, W/SR1x3
Public Service Dissemination Meteorologist
(817) 978-2367 Ext. 158

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Last updated November 26, 1997
Susan Beckwith