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NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group

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The Spaceflight Meteorology Group

Staff Information

SMG staffing currently consists of one Meteorologist-In-Charge and one meteorologist. A very small team of FDOC (Facilities Development and Support Operations Contract) software and hardware engineers support SMG's McIDAS based weather computer system. There is also one unpaid part time volunteer student and one part time student adminstrative assistant.

SMG Staff photo June 2011

SMG Staff Oct 2012

From left to right: Student volunteer Michell Kocen, Tim Garner, Frank Brody (Chief) and regional ITO Tony Freeman.

SMG Staff June 2011
From left to right: Frank Brody (Chief), Tim Garner, Tim Oram, Doris Hood, Liz Barba, Kurt Van Speybroeck, Brian Hoeth and Mark Wiley

SMG Staff Jun 2010
Front row from left to right: Paul Wahner, Tammi Barreras, Doris Hood and Tim Garner
Back row from left to right: Liz Barba, Brian Hoeth, Kurt Van Speybroeck, Mark Wiley, Frank Brody (Chief) and Tim Oram

SMG Staff circa 2008
Front row from left to right: Victor Proton, Paul Wahner, Tammi Barreras and Tim Garner
Back row from left to right: Kurt Van Speybroeck, Doris Hood, Brian Hoeth, Tim Oram, Mark Wiley, Richard Lafosse and Frank Brody (Chief)

SMG Staff circa January 2007
Front row L to R: Karl Silverman (hanging the plaque for STS-116), Tim Garner and Brian Hoeth
Back row L to R: Tammi Barreras, Doris Hood, Richard Lafosse, Tim Oram, Frank Brody, Steve Sokol and Steve Early

SMG Staff December 2007
Front row L to R: Steve Early, Tammi Barreras, Richard Lafosse and Tim Garner
Back row L to R: Brian Hoeth, Doris Hood, Mark Wiley, Frank Brody, Kurt Van Speybroeck and Tim Oram

SMG Staff circa 2005
Front row L to R: Wayne Baggett, Brian Hoeth, Steve Sokol and Tim Garner
Back row L to R: Dan Bellue, Frank Brody, Karl Silverman, Tammi Barreras, Tim Oram, Doris Hood and Richard Lafosse

Some SMG staff members October 2004 with Deputy Secretary of Commerce Ted Kassinger
Front row L to R: Tim Garner, Doris Hood, Monica Sowell and Karl Silverman
Back row L to R: Tim Oram, Steve Sokol, unknown, Frank Brody, Deputy Secretary Kassinger and unknown.

SMG Staff circa 2004
Front row L to R: Monica Sowell, Tim Garner, Richard Lafosse and Steve Sokol
Back row L to R: Brian Hoeth, Dan Bellue, Doris Hood, Karl Silverman, Tim Oram, Frank Brody and Wayne Baggett

SMG Staff circa 1995
Front row L to R: Tim Oram, Doris Rotzoll, Tim Garner, Wayne Baggett, Dan Bellue and Monica Sowell
Back row L ro R: Steve Sokol, Mark Keehn, Richard Lafosse, Frank Brody and Karl Silverman

Administrative Staff
Frank C. Brody - Meteorologist-in-Charge

Lead Forecasters
Tim Garner
Volunteer Coop Students
Michele Kocen

Weather and Mission Information:
Space Shuttle Forecasts and Observations, JSC / Houston Weather, Tropics and Hurricanes, SMG and Manned Space Flight, Staff, Links, Contact Us, SMG Home
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