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HYTHIRM Weather Support Page

This is a web page with links to weather information for the HYTHIRM project.

Google Earth Displayable Data

KML File with High Cloud Climatology

Satellite Images

GOES Satellite Visible, Infrared, and Water Vapor Images
CONUS (Aviation Weather Center) East Coast (Marshall Space Flight Center GHCC) West Coast
Visible Gulf of Mexico Visible (MSFC) Pacific Visible (MSFC)
IR Gulf of Mexico IR (MSFC) Pacific IR (MSFC)
Water Vapor Gulf of Mexico Water Vapor (MSFC) Pacific Water Vapor (MSFC)

Upper Air Observations

Location Graphic Text Listing
KEYW - Key West Graphic Listing
MMMD - Yucatan (Merida) Graphic Listing
MZBZ - Belize Graphic Listing
MWCR - Owen Roberts Airport, Cayman Islands Graphic Listing

Weather Forecast Information

The following are links to weather forecast information.

Spaceflight Meteorology Group

SMG Forecasts for Hythirm (PDF)

Aviation Weather Center

SMG Images of Optical Depth and Cloud Top Height: Derived Product Imagery from Langley

Click on Images to Expand
Optical Depth Cloud Top Height
Black is no cloud;
Gray is optical depth between 0 and 6;
Red is optical depth greater than 6 (non-transparent)
Red is cloud top above 24,000 feet

Text File Downloads

The following are links to text file downloads of weather information.

Spaceflight Meteorology Group

If you have any comments or questions for Tim Oram, please e-mail the SMG webmaster.

Weather and Mission Information:
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