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JSC Bldg. 30 Weather Observations

Day TimeTemperatureDew Point RHWind AltimeterAccum. PCPN
since midnight
Wind Chill
(Central)(F)(F) (%)DirectionAvg Spd
Pk Spd
(inHg) (inches)Heat Index
31 Jul 1332917561110 E11 17Missing0.00102
31 Jul 1334907561112 SE12 15Missing0.00101
31 Jul 1336907561117 SE15 17Missing0.00100
31 Jul 1338907562118 SE14 18Missing0.00101
31 Jul 1340917660115 SE12 17Missing0.00103
31 Jul 1342917662106 E12 21Missing0.00103
31 Jul 1344927559102 E10 15Missing0.00103
31 Jul 134692765988 E9 16Missing0.00104
31 Jul 134892755893 E9 14Missing0.00103
31 Jul 135091756097 E11 17Missing0.00103
31 Jul 135291756090 E12 17Missing0.00101

Jul 30 Maximum Temperature: 98 F Minimum Temperature: 80 F Rainfall: 0.00 inches.
NOTE: Server maintenance on the B30 sensor datalogger machine may temporarily interrupt readings Jul 31 - Aug 3

Additional rainfall data from Building 421 at JSC may be found at the JSC CoCoRaHS station TX-HRR-52 (Nassau Bay 1.6 NNW) Note that CoCoRaHS data is reported on day of measurement.

Heat Index is only reported when the temperature is 75 F or greater. Wind Chill is reported only when the temperature is 45 F or less. Exposure to full sunshine can increase heat index values by 15 degrees. Learn more about the heat index.

This is an experimental data service and is NOT CONSIDERED OPERATIONAL. Data may not be available at all times nor is it monitored 24/7. Data is provided by the NASA Johnson Space Center and provided by the NWS SMG as a courtesy. Sensors are located atop JSC Building 30 and may not always be representative of surrounding conditions.

NASA Ellington Field Weather Observation

Day TimeTemperature Accum. PCPN
since midnight
(Central)(F) (inches)
1 Aug 1105900.00

NASA Ellington: 31 Jul 2015 Max temperature: 100 F Min Temperature: 81 F Rainfall: 0.00

Current Weather Observations
Location Sky/Weather Temp.
Ellington Field, TX1Mostly Sunny 90° 64° 43%E9 30.00F HX 91
Houston Hobby Airport, TX2Partly Sunny 90° 64° 42%E13 29.97F HX 91
Pearland (Clover Field), TX1Sunny 89° 65° 44%E13 29.99F HX 91
Angleton, TX2Sunny 90° 70° 51%NE6 29.97F HX 95
Houston Bush Airport, TX1Partly Sunny 90° 66° 45%E10 29.99F HX 92
Sugarland, TX2Sunny 91° 64° 40%E12 29.98F HX 92
Houston Hooks Airport, TX1Sunny 88° 65° 46%E10 30.00F HX 90
Hourly Observation Data From: 1100 AM CDT SAT AUG 01 2015
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