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NWS Spaceflight Meteorology Group

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Real-time KSC area ARPS Data Analysis System (ADAS) products from the Spaceflight Meteorology Group

SMG has recently upgraded our ADAS graphics to use our new 4-km resolution analysis.

In addition, we are now running ARPS 5.1.1 software.

You can compare our products to the MLB LDIS web page. SMG and MLB currently use the same ADAS software and many of the data for the MLB analysis are ftp'd from SMG to MLB. However, some significant differences between the two configurations are:
  • SMG uses the ARPS 5.1.1 version while MLB uses a modified version of ARPS 4.5.1
  • SMG uses Level II WSR-88D radar data from Melbourne, Tampa Bay, and Miami while while MLB uses Level II radar data from MLB only
  • SMG also uses lower resolution radar products from the NOAAPort data stream for Jacksonville and Tallahassee and can use these lower resolution products in the event level 2 data are missing from the other radar sites
  • SMG creates the background fields from the most recent Eta forecasts while MLB uses the 3- and 6-hour forecasts from the RUC data at synoptic hours (3-hourly)
  • SMG is only ingesting standard METAR and buoy data while MLB is currently ingesting additional data from Florida mesonets

4-km mesoscale analyses
(click on image for full-size graphic)

latest central Florida 4-km ADAS image of Cloud Parameters

latest central Florida 4-km ADAS image of Convective Parameters

latest central Florida 4-km ADAS image of Fog Stability Index & Dewpoint Depression

Cloud Parameters

Convective Parameters

Fog Stability Index & Dewpoint Depression

latest central Florida 4-km ADAS image of Surface Temperatures

latest central Florida 4-km ADAS image of Surface Wind &     Pressure

Surface Temperature

Surface Wind / Crosswind

Mesoscale Modeling Project at NWS Melbourne, Florida

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