San Juan, PR - 90F Statistics


At 12:31 PM AST February 17, 2010, the temperature soared to 91ºF at the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in San Juan. This marked the first reading of 90ºF or above in San Juan for the calendar year, and the warmest temperature recorded in San Juan since November 21st, 2009.

While this is by far not the earliest date that the temperature has reached 90ºF in San Juan during a new calendar year, it ranks as the 16th earliest date that the temperature has reached 90ºF or greater. The earliest date on record that the temperature ever reached 90ºF was January 6th, 1984 and the latest date that the temperature reached 90ºF in a given year was July 23rd, 1965.

Over the past 55 years, the average date of the first 90ºF temperature in San Juan is March 19th. While 91ºF is impressive for the middle of February, it is not unheard of. The record high temperature for February 17th is actually 92ºF. For additional statistics regarding 90ºF degree temperatures, see below.


Average date of 1st 90ºF temperatue in San Juan, PR:                                  March 19th

Average date of last 90ºF temperature in San Juan, PR:                                 November 10th

Average number of days 90ºF or above each year in San Juan, PR:            78 days

Maximum number of days in a year 90ºF or above in San Juan, PR:        172 days (1983)

Minimum number of days in a year 90ºF or above in San Juan, PR:         14 days (1965)

Maximum consecutive days of 90ºF or above in San Juan, PR:                  35 days (1981)



Top 5 Earliest and Latest dates of 1st 90ºF temperature recorded in a given year:


Earliest 90ºF dates
Latest 90ºF dates
January 6th
July 23rd
January 9th
June 7th
January 11th
June 3rd
January 15th
May 26th
January 16th
May 25th

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