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Cooperative Weather Observing Station
A typical coop weather station with 8-inch rain gauge and MMTS
The National Weather Service office in San Angelo is looking for a few volunteer weather observers.  The NWS relies on weather observations in all corners of the United States.  Some of these stations are automated and report back to the NWS in near real time. Other observations come from volunteer cooperative (coop) weather observers.

These coop observers are regular folks who just have a keen interest in the weather, enjoy taking daily weather observations and know they are helping the National Weather Service provide quality services.  Many of these observers continue reporting for decades!  However, through the years we have some that move on for various reasons.  We are looking to replace some of our existing sites that have recently been closed.  At this time, we are requesting volunteers for sites in Blackwell (or Oak Creek) and Winters.




The following are sites that we are looking to re-establish:

Blackwell or Oak Creek

We are looking for coop weather observers in the communities in yellow


Standard 8-inch rain gauge
Standard 8-inch rain gauge
Coop observers report daily high and low temperatures to the NWS in addition to rainfall that fell during the previous 24 hours.  Measurements are typically taken at 7 AM each day and sent to the NWS through an online reporting form.  Weather equipment will be provided and maintained by the National Weather Service.  All you have to do is volunteer a few minutes each day. 

If this interests you or someone you may know, contact the NWS office in San Angelo for additional details.  You may contact Eva Mullen by phone at (325) 944-9445 or by email at is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.