A Summary of Weather Events Across the Four-State Region During 2016

Events will be added to the list as they occur.

April 29-30: Tornadoes and Flooding
March 9-11: Heavy Rain and Flash Flooding

Weather Events During 2015

December 27, 2015: Tornadoes in the ArkLaTex
December 12-13, 2015: Tornadoes and Damaging Winds Across the Four State Area
May 10-11, 2015: Tornadoes and Flooding in the ArkLaTex
April 13, 2015: EF-2 Tornado in Titus County, Texas
April 9, 2015: Tornadoes Confirmed in East Texas Near Mixon, Longview, and Hallsville

Weather Events During 2014

October 13, 2014: Tornadoes and Damaging Winds Across Much of the Four State Region
September 2, 2014: EF-1 Tornado Occurs Northeast of Mansfield, LA
April 28, 2014: EF-2 Tornado Between Hosston and Plain Dealing, LA
April 13, 2014: EF-0 Tornado Near Pittsburg, Texas

Weather Events During 2013

Tornadoes in East Texas and Northwest Louisiana on May 16, 2013
Tornadoes Strike Deep East Texas and Western Louisiana on February 21, 2013
Severe Thunderstorms & Tornadoes Across the Four State Region on February 18, 2013
EF-1 Tornado in Northwest Louisiana on Jan. 12, 2013

Weather Events During 2012

Christmas Day Snow
Weak EF-0 in Caddo & Bossier Parishes on Nov., 11, 2012
Webster Parish Explosion
Heavy Rainfall September 29-30
Damaging Winds near Homer, La June 12, 2012
Flooding and Tornadoes Strike the Four State Region March 19-21, 2012
The Severe Weather, Tornadoes, and Heavy Rain of January 25, 2012

Weather Events During 2011

The November 8, 2011 Tornado Outbreak
The Heat, Drought, and Wildfires of 2011
Storms in North Louisiana May 25, 2011
The Tornado Outbreak of April 25-27, 2011
The Severe Weather and Tornados of April 4, 2011
Clarksville, TX, Tornado of March 8, 2011
The Winter Storm of February 3-4, 2011
The Winter Storm of January 9th, 2011

Weather Events During 2010

EF4 Tornado Event of November 29th, 2010 in Central Louisiana
Multiple Tornado Event of October 24th, 2010 in NE Texas
Severe Weather Event of April 30th, 2010 in SW Arkansas
Severe Weather Event of April 23-24, 2010 in East Texas and SW Arkansas
Winter Weather of March 21, 2010 across SE Oklahoma, SW Arkansas, E Texas and NW Louisiana
Severe Thunderstorm Event of March 10, 2010 Across the Four State Region
Winter Weather of February 23, 2010 across East Texas
Winter Storm of February 11-12, 2010 across the entire region
The Tornado Outbreak of January 20, 2010 Across East Texas and Western LA

Weather Events During 2009

Longview Tornado of December 23rd, 2009
The Tornado Outbreak of December 23rd, 2009 Across Northeast Texas
The Heavy Rain & Severe Weather Outbreak of Oct. 28th-29th, 2009
The Severe Weather Outbreak of May 2nd-3rd, 2009
The Sevier and Howard Tornadoes of April 9th, 2009
The Harrison, Caddo & Bossier Tornado of April 9th, 2009
The Tornado Outbreak of April 9th, 2009
Smith & Wood Counties Tornado of February 10th 2009
Jonesboro Tornado of March 24th 2009

Weather Events During 2008

La Salle Parish Tornado of December 9, 2008
Webster Parish Tornado of December 9, 2008
Bullard Tornado of October 6, 2008
Hurricane Ike of September 13-14, 2008
Texarkana Microburst of May 22, 2008
Shreveport Floods of May 14, 2008
Winnsboro Texas EF1 tornado and Straight Line Winds on May 14,2008
Rusk and Panola Counties EF1 Tornadoes on May 2, 2008
Leary Texas Tornado of April 10, 2008
Longview Texas Tornado of March 18, 2008
Arp Texas Tornado of February 5, 2008

Weather Events During 2007

Bossier City Tornado of February 24, 2007

Historical Event Summaries from Years Past

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