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A total of 5 tornadoes touched down on April 6, 2003, in the area including northeast and east Texas, and north central Louisiana. The tornado outbreak began at 1230 PM CDT near Ponta, TX in east Cherokee County, and ended at 425 PM CDT with a tornado at Clay, LA in Jackson Parish.

The first tornado touched down just east of Ponta in east central Cherokee county at 1230 pm CDT. It moved northeast crossing the Rusk county line in the vicinity of New Salem. This tornado continued on the ground across Rusk county, primarily in wooded rural areas, crossing U.S. highway 259 approximately 5 miles south of Henderson. The track then turns back towards the northwest near the community of Liberty before lifting approximately 7 miles northeast of Henderson. The tornado was rated as an F3 with winds of 158 to 206 MPH. The total track was 38 miles long and a quarter of a mile wide.

The second tornado struck just west and northwest of Tatum, TX in Rusk County. It caused 6 injuries, but no fatalities. The track was about 5 miles long and 220 yards wide. The tornado was rated as F2 with winds of 113 to 157 MPH.

The third tornado of the day began just southwest of Pollok, TX in Angelina County, and ended about 5 miles southeast of Nacogdoches, TX in Nacogdoches County. The track was 28 miles long and a 1/4 mile in width. This tornado was rated an F2 with winds of 113 to 157 MPH.

Another weaker tornado struck part of southwest Nacogdoches, TX, about the same time as the "third tornado" was moving across Nacogdoches county. This fourth tornado had a track of 1/8 of mile and was 25 yards wide. This tornado was rated as an F0 with winds between 40 and 72 MPH.

Thefifth tornado of the day hit from just west of Clay, LA to 4 miles east of Clay in Jackson Parish. The track was 5.5 miles long and about 50 yards wide. This tornado was rated as an F0 with winds of 40 to 72 MPH. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.