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Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas
March 2nd - 8th, 2014
3D Radar Image of a Tornadic Supercell

The peak of tornado season occurs between March - May with just over 50% of all tornado days occurring in this time frame. In these three months, a significant peak was discovered to occur from April 19th - May 20th with 30% of all tornado days for the year occurring in this timeframe. The area also has a secondary peak for tornadoes in late fall from mid-November to mid-December.

No location is immune to severe weather threats. The arrival of spring not only signals a time when people begin to take increased advantage of the great outdoor activities, it is also marks a rise in the potential for violent weather. This includes damaging thunderstorm winds, hail, tornadoes, lightning and flash flooding. People must know what to do when severe weather threatens, whether in the outdoors or at home, school, work, play, or in a vehicle.

Severe Weather Awareness week is an excellent time to review safety plans for the coming weather threats. This should be done by all communities, with the help of schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, business, and civic organizations. It should also done by every family, insuring that each member knows how to be safe when severe weather threatens. The best way to insure that plans are adequate and can be activated in a timely manner is to test them with drills.

During the Severe Weather Awareness Week, the National Weather Service will issue special releases each day to help prepare for severe weather season. These discussions will discuss the many kinds of severe weather along with the recommended safety rules.

Schedule of Severe Weather Awareness Week Topics 


Introduction to Severe Weather Awareness Week


Severe Thunderstorms and NWS Watches & Warnings


Tornadoes and Tornado Safety


Lightning Facts and the 30-30 Rule


Turn Around...Don't Drown and Flood and Flash Flood Safety


Reporting Severe Weather to the NWS

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