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The Atmosphere

Students will explore some of the processes and cycles experienced in the earth's atmosphere. Investigations involve the water cycle and the factors that affect the rate of water movement through the cycle and the study of weather. Other investigations include the ways heat is transferred at and near Earth's surface, and the differential heating of various Earth materials-all of which influence the weather. Finally, the overall atmospheric structure will be examined.

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Weather & Forecasting

This unit introduces the student to the basic forms of energy with an emphasis on the properties of energy in relation to weather processes. Energy transferal and transformation are also explored. Weather patterns, historical trends, and the use of data to predict future weather conditions are emphasized.

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Thunderstorm Development

Students will learn the atmospheric forces and motions needed to produce a thunderstorm. Exploration of the life cycle of thunderstorms and identification of products of severe thunderstorms. Other investigations will be the hazards produced by severe thunderstorms from the various motions involved in thunderstorm development.

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Earth's Oceans

This unit focuses on the Earth's oceans, the different ocean layers (zones), ocean currents, the tidal process, sea breeze versus land breeze, and the ocean's effect on the upper level winds. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.