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 Weather and Forecasting
Weather and Forecasting Power Point Presentation This Power Point presensation details the processes of our atmosphere and what they mean to weather forecasting. These include high & low pressure systems, weather fronts and cloud formation. (1.67 MB)
This teachers guide provides an explanation of weather analysis and forecasting processes in addition to the information presented in the power point slideshow.


Forecasting Curriculum Guides
These guides are provided to outline the Grade Level Expectations (GLE's) for the study of Meteorology per the Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum.


The activities below are designed to provide the student a better understanding of basic weather forecasting principles.

This activity deals with the density principles of air. Students will gain an understanding as to why warm air rises and cool air sinks.
Activity 2 allows the student to gain experience in analyzing a surface pressure map to identify areas of high and low pressure.
This activity requires the student to analyze a weather map to identify warm, cold and stationary fronts. Students will also gain a basic understanding of the variety of weather that is associated with each type of front.


Forecasting Quiz
The quiz, left, is designed to test the student's understanding of weather forecasting processes.
The answer key will provide the instructor with the correct answers to the quiz as well as an explanation of the answer. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.