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Flash Flood Guidance

Downloading Flash Flood Guidance Data

There are six files (five required and one optional) for using NWS Flash Flood Guidance shapefile data:
  • nws_ffg.sbn -- REQUIRED
  • nws_ffg.sbx -- REQUIRED
  • nws_ffg.shp -- REQUIRED
  • nws_ffg.shx -- REQUIRED
  • nws_ffg.dbf -- REQUIRED
  • nws_ffg.prj -- REQUIRED
  • nws_ffg_legend.avl -- optional
The first four (sbn, sbx, shp and shx extensions) are static; you only need to download them once. Click on the link below to download a ZIP file with these files (2.5MB compressed, 7.4MB uncompressed).

The dbf file (520K) is routinely updated several times per day.

The optional legend file (also included in the will help you reproduce the color scheme we are using. If using ArcView, you will need to copy it into your c:\esri\av_gis30\arcview\legend_avl\ directory and load it manually through the legend editor.

If you have any questions, please contact

Files IncludedSizeFile Name 
34 KB
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7525 KB
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145 bytes
8 KB (2531 KB) Download Now
nws_ffg.dbf519 KBnws_ffg.dbf (519 KB) Download Now

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Page last modified: December 18, 2008
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