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CSUS86 KSCS 202100

: U.S. DEPT. OF AGICULTURE - Natural Resources Conservation Service
: Provisional Data, Manual Snow Course Data
 ANRO3 DM0415/ 27.4 ///:17D02S ANEROID LAKE #2
 ARBO3 DM0415/  8.8 ///:19D02S ARBUCKLE MTN
 BVRO3 DM0415/  3.8 ///:18D09S BEAVER RESERVOIR
 BRMO3 DM0415/  5.3 ///:22G21S BIG RED MOUNTAIN
 BCDO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:22G13S BILLIE CREEK DIVIDE
 BLAO3 DM0415/ 13.7 ///:21D33S BLAZED ALDER
 BORO3 DM0415/  8.0 ///:18E05S BOURNE
 BMSO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:18D20S BOWMAN SPRINGS
 CSTO3 DM0415/ 11.0 ///:22F03S CASCADE SUMMIT
 CHUO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:21F22S CHEMULT ALTERNATE
 CLLO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:21D13S CLACKAMAS LAKE
 CLKO3 DM0415/  3.1 ///:21D12S CLEAR LAKE
 CSCO3 DM0415/  2.3 ///:22G24S COLD SPRINGS CAMP
 DALO3 DM0414/   .0 ///:22E08S DALY LAKE
 DERO3 DM0415/  3.5 ///:19E03S DERR.
 DIAO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:22F18S DIAMOND LAKE
 EIMO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:18E03S EILERTSON MEADOWS
 ESPO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:18D04S EMIGRANT SPRINGS
 FCKO3 DM0415/ 24.8 ///:18G02S FISH CREEK
 FISO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:22G14S FISH LK.
 FRLO3 DM0415/  6.6 ///:22G12S FOURMILE LAKE
 GLDO3 DM0412/   .0 ///:18E08S GOLD CENTER
 GRPO3 DM0414/   .1 ///:21D01S GREENPOINT
 HIRO3 DM0415/ 16.2 ///:18D19S HIGH RIDGE
 HOPO3 DM0415/  8.3 ///:21E06S HOGG PASS
 HLMO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:22F42S HOLLAND MEADOWS
 BEDO3 DM0415/ 27.0 ///:21F21S IRISH TAYLOR
 LKCO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:18E18S LAKE CREEK R.S.
 LMDO3 DM0415/  8.7 ///:22E09S LITTLE MEADOWS
 MOSO3 DM0415/ 28.2 ///:17D06S MOSS SPRINGS
 MTHO3 DM0415/ 54.8 ///:21D08S MT HOOD TEST SITE
 MHWO3 DM0415/ 22.6 ///:17D18S MT. HOWARD
 MUDO3 DM0415/ 18.4 ///:21D35S MUD RIDGE
 NCLO3 DM0415/  2.0 ///:21F10S NEW CRESCENT LAKE
 NFRO3 DM0415/  1.3 ///:22D02S NORTH FORK
 PVRO3 DM0412/   .0 ///:21D14S PEAVINE RIDGE
 QRMO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:20G06S QUARTZ MOUNTAIN
 RROO3 DM0413/   .0 ///:22F05S RAILROAD OVERPASS
 REDO3 DM0415/ 35.9 ///:21D04S RED HILL
 RORO3 DM0415/ 14.6 ///:22F43S ROARING RIVER
 RCSO3 DM0415/   .3 ///:18F01S ROCK SPRINGS
 SDMO3 DM0415/   .1 ///:23D01S SADDLE MOUNTAIN
 SCFO3 DM0415/  5.4 ///:22F04S SALT CREEK FALLS
 SCHO3 DM0415/ 19.0 ///:17D08S SCHNEIDER MEADOWS
 SVMO3 DM0415/  6.7 ///:22G33S SEVENMILE MARSH
 SVCO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:21F12S SILVER CREEK
 SLVO3 DM0415/  4.0 ///:18G01S SILVIES
 STWO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:20G09S STRAWBERRY
 SMRO3 DM0415/  6.4 ///:20G02S SUMMER RIM
 SMLO3 DM0415/ 24.9 ///:22F14S SUMMIT LAKE
 TYBO3 DM0415/   .0 ///:21G03S TAYLOR BUTTE
 TYLO3 DM0415/ 14.7 ///:17D07S TAYLOR GREEN
 TCMO3 DM0415/  8.6 ///:21E13S THREE CREEKS MEADOW
 TIPO3 DM0415/  7.6 ///:18E09S TIPTON
 WFCO3 DM0415/ 11.1 ///:18D21S WOLF CREEK

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