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SRUS41 KPBZ 261025

.A X4050806 0126 Z DH0024/DVH20/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.464233 LON=-80.600906  TORONTO  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4020795 0126 Z DH0049/DVH21/SFV T"LAT=40.184793 LON=-79.460593  KECKSBURG  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4010809 0126 Z DH0828/DVH28/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.080627 LON=-80.900092  SAINT CLAIRSVILLE  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4120805 0126 Z DH0028/DVH20/SFV 0.5"LAT=41.234200 LON=-80.499800  SHARON  FACEBOOK "/
.A X3910795 0126 Z DH0818/DVH28/SFV 1.5"LAT=39.147400 LON=-79.499100  THOMAS  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4130804 0126 Z DH0545/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=41.328944 LON=-80.432846  TRANSFER  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4070803 0126 Z DH0338/DVH24/SFV 1.5"LAT=40.683300 LON=-80.273200  MONACA  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4070801 0126 Z DH0230/DVH23/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.685900 LON=-80.100615  CRIDERS CORNERS  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4050809 0126 Z DH0815/DVH28/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.521100 LON=-80.884700  BERGHOLZ  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090795 0126 Z DH0032/DVH21/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.884786 LON=-79.537823  ADRIAN  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4060801 0126 Z DH0322/DVH23/SFV 2.2"LAT=40.591700 LON=-80.098700  FRANKLIN PARK  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040801 0126 Z DH0432/DVH25/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.356600 LON=-80.106100  BRIDGEVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040801 0126 Z DH0131/DVH22/SFV T"LAT=40.356600 LON=-80.106100  BRIDGEVILLE  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4030797 0126 Z DH0607/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.325900 LON=-79.699600  IRWIN  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4000807 0126 Z DH0429/DVH24/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.044700 LON=-80.692000  BETHLEHEM  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A TU-169 0126 Z DH0309/DVH23/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.549100 LON=-81.330700  2 WNW NEW CUMBERLAND  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH1023/DVH30/SFV 4.0"LAT=40.531387 LON=-80.217995  MOON TOWNSHIP  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0755/DVH28/SFV 3.9"LAT=40.531387 LON=-80.217995  MOON TOWNSHIP  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0500/DVH25/SFV 3.2"LAT=40.531387 LON=-80.217995  MOON TOWNSHIP  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0252/DVH23/SFV 1.7"LAT=40.531387 LON=-80.217995  MOON TOWNSHIP  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0005/DVH20/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.531387 LON=-80.217995  MOON TOWNSHIP  NWS OFFICE "/
.A X4060805 0126 Z DH1017/DVH30/SFV 4.2"LAT=40.598800 LON=-80.474400  HOOKSTOWN  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4040810 0126 Z DH0350/DVH24/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.368100 LON=-81.002700  JEWETT  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4000820 0126 Z DH0530/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=39.952400 LON=-82.012000  ZANESVILLE  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4020802 0126 Z DH0923/DVH29/SFV 2.1"LAT=40.174300 LON=-80.247400  WASHINGTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4050800 0126 Z DH1012/DVH30/SFV 5.0"LAT=40.526600 LON=-80.024900  ROSS TOWNSHIP  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4050800 0126 Z DH0555/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=40.526600 LON=-80.024900  ROSS TOWNSHIP  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4050800 0126 Z DH0413/DVH24/SFV 2.1"LAT=40.526600 LON=-80.024900  ROSS TOWNSHIP  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4050800 0126 Z DH0400/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.526600 LON=-80.024900  ROSS TOWNSHIP  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060800 0126 Z DH0705/DVH27/SFV 3.5"LAT=40.630000 LON=-80.050000  WEXFORD  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040800 0126 Z DH0520/DVH25/SFV 1.4"LAT=40.442014 LON=-79.962552  OAKLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060811 0126 Z DH0236/DVH23/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.579800 LON=-81.091300  CARROLLTON  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4060811 0126 Z DH0100/DVH21/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.579800 LON=-81.091300  CARROLLTON  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4060797 0126 Z DH0545/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=40.623399 LON=-79.729771  NATRONA HEIGHTS  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060802 0126 Z DH0650/DVH27/SFV 2.8"LAT=40.554300 LON=-80.192200  EDGEWORTH  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4000808 0126 Z DH0326/DVH23/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.029200 LON=-80.815600  NEFFS  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4110792 0126 Z DH0115/DVH21/SFV T"LAT=41.116400 LON=-79.188600  SUMMERVILLE  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4040800 0126 Z DH0548/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.439200 LON=-79.976700  PITTSBURGH  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4010808 0126 Z DH0230/DVH23/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.125904 LON=-80.808697  COLERAIN  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4070793 0126 Z DH0034/DVH21/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.694100 LON=-79.341900  ELDERTON  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4040800 0126 Z DH0940/DVH30/SFV 3.5"LAT=40.430903 LON=-80.010331  MOUNT WASHINGTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4040800 0126 Z DH0455/DVH25/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.430903 LON=-80.010331  MOUNT WASHINGTON  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4040800 0126 Z DH0040/DVH21/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.430903 LON=-80.010331  MOUNT WASHINGTON  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4050800 0126 Z DH0427/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.455391 LON=-79.969835  1 NNW OAKLAND  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4090809 0126 Z DH0238/DVH23/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.902600 LON=-80.853700  SALEM  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4090809 0125 Z DH2307/DVH19/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.902600 LON=-80.853700  SALEM  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4030795 0126 Z DH0030/DVH21/SFV T"LAT=40.310900 LON=-79.544400  GREENSBURG  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0820/DVH28/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.539700 LON=-80.180500  SEWICKLEY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0330/DVH24/SFV 1.5"LAT=40.539700 LON=-80.180500  SEWICKLEY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4050802 0126 Z DH0306/DVH23/SFV 1.5"LAT=40.539700 LON=-80.180500  SEWICKLEY  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4050814 0126 Z DH0017/DVH20/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.486700 LON=-81.441300  NEW PHILADELPHIA  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4050814 0126 Z DH0049/DVH21/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.486700 LON=-81.441300  NEW PHILADELPHIA  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4080797 0126 Z DH0645/DVH27/SFV 1.9"LAT=40.755001 LON=-79.682800  5 N FREEPORT  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4080797 0126 Z DH0401/DVH24/SFV 1.3"LAT=40.755001 LON=-79.682800  5 N FREEPORT  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4030818 0126 Z DH0531/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.263700 LON=-81.849600  COSHOCTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4030818 0126 Z DH0425/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=40.263700 LON=-81.849600  COSHOCTON  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4070803 0126 Z DH0340/DVH24/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.702000 LON=-80.283300  ROCHESTER  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4030806 0126 Z DH0600/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.337200 LON=-80.597200  FOLLANSBEE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4080790 0126 Z DH0440/DVH25/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.770200 LON=-79.048000  MARION CENTER  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040806 0126 Z DH0048/DVH21/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.400900 LON=-80.564100  WEIRTON  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4040804 0126 Z DH0033/DVH21/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.381200 LON=-80.392200  BURGETTSTOWN  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4040806 0126 Z DH0926/DVH29/SFV 3.7"LAT=40.367000 LON=-80.646600  STEUBENVILLE  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4040806 0126 Z DH0500/DVH25/SFV 3.0"LAT=40.367000 LON=-80.646600  STEUBENVILLE  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4040806 0126 Z DH0350/DVH24/SFV 2.2"LAT=40.367000 LON=-80.646600  STEUBENVILLE  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4040806 0126 Z DH0257/DVH23/SFV 1.4"LAT=40.367000 LON=-80.646600  STEUBENVILLE  BROADCAST MEDIA "/
.A X4040806 0126 Z DH0028/DVH20/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.367000 LON=-80.646600  STEUBENVILLE  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4050798 0126 Z DH0630/DVH27/SFV 3.9"LAT=40.475900 LON=-79.827000  PENN HILLS  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4000816 0126 Z DH0410/DVH24/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.025000 LON=-81.586900  CAMBRIDGE  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4050799 0126 Z DH0120/DVH21/SFV 0.8"LAT=40.525400 LON=-79.889600  FOX CHAPEL  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4030796 0126 Z DH0700/DVH27/SFV 2.8"LAT=40.327200 LON=-79.614100  JEANNETTE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4030796 0126 Z DH0336/DVH24/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.327200 LON=-79.614100  JEANNETTE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X3910794 0126 Z DH0818/DVH28/SFV 4.0"LAT=39.098164 LON=-79.430605  CANAAN HEIGHTS  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4040800 0126 Z DH0707/DVH27/SFV 3.5"LAT=40.363200 LON=-79.966100  BALDWIN  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X3970815 0126 Z DH0016/DVH20/SFV 1.0"LAT=39.745800 LON=-81.513100  CALDWELL  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4030818 0126 Z DH0340/DVH24/SFV 1.5"LAT=40.273900 LON=-81.751000  WEST LAFAYETTE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4030818 0126 Z DH0100/DVH21/SFV 0.4"LAT=40.273900 LON=-81.751000  WEST LAFAYETTE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4040801 0126 Z DH0750/DVH28/SFV 3.0"LAT=40.433300 LON=-80.070900  CRAFTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4060807 0126 Z DH0340/DVH24/SFV 2.5"LAT=40.557564 LON=-80.707021  HAMMONDSVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4020798 0126 Z DH0700/DVH27/SFV 0.5"LAT=40.208400 LON=-79.769600  WEST NEWTON  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040807 0126 Z DH0530/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=40.379000 LON=-80.706600  WINTERSVILLE  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4040807 0125 Z DH2355/DVH20/SFV 1.0"LAT=40.379000 LON=-80.706600  WINTERSVILLE  DEPT OF HIGHWAYS "/
.A X4050809 0126 Z DH0710/DVH27/SFV 3.0"LAT=40.471400 LON=-80.921400  AMSTERDAM  SOCIAL MEDIA "/
.A X4120805 0126 Z DH0029/DVH20/SFV 0.5"LAT=41.174100 LON=-80.456100  WEST MIDDLESEX  FACEBOOK "/


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