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SRUS41 KALY 161342

.A X4220745 0416 Z DH1143/DVH26/SFV 3.2"LAT=42.213460 LON=-74.480860  HALCOTT CENTER  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4260746 0416 Z DH1032/DVH26/SFV 1.5"LAT=42.627090 LON=-74.585130  RICHMONDVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270731 0416 Z DH0925/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.733410 LON=-73.072480  CLARKSBURG  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A PHON6 0416 Z DH1018/DVH24/PPV 1.53"LAT=42.066389 LON=-74.337500  PHOENICIA  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NBLN6 0416 Z DH1200/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.465833 LON=-74.462500  7 N NORTH BLENHEIM  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4270741 0416 Z DH0402/DVH26/SFV 3.2"LAT=42.731700 LON=-74.144850  KNOX  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280737 0415 Z DH2034/DVH26/PPV 0.45"LAT=42.794310 LON=-73.652170  SPEIGLETOWN  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NY-DT-10 0416 Z DH0900/DVH24/SFV 0.2"LAT=41.647000 LON=-73.897000  4 SSE POUGHKEEPSIE  COCORAHS "/
.A X4320734 0416 Z DH1123/DVH26/SFV 0.8"LAT=43.194110 LON=-73.426810  COSSAYUNA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4160739 0415 Z DH2040/DVH26/PPV 0.75"LAT=41.630000 LON=-73.880000  1 NW NEW HACKENSACK  ASOS "/
.A X4280737 0415 Z DH2214/DVH26/PPV 0.72"LAT=42.775000 LON=-73.711620  COHOES  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NSKN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.796389 LON=-73.876667  NISKAYUNA  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4350738 0416 Z DH0223/DVH26/PPV 1.75"LAT=43.490050 LON=-73.786560  WARRENSBURG  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300738 0415 Z DH2234/DVH26/PPV 1.10"LAT=42.975240 LON=-73.793540  MALTA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300744 0415 Z DH1616/DVH26/PPV 0.82"LAT=42.969610 LON=-74.371940  FONDA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A TMSC3 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 1.0"LAT=41.694722 LON=-73.062222  THOMASTON DAM  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NY-GR-6 0416 Z DH0925/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.360450 LON=-73.983468  3 E FREEHOLD  COCORAHS "/
.A X4230740 0416 Z DH0925/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.302290 LON=-74.031860  CAIRO  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4230731 0416 Z DH1134/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.330800 LON=-73.079700  BECKET  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4310738 0415 Z DH2202/DVH26/PPV 0.70"LAT=43.063880 LON=-73.779260  SARATOGA SPRINGS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A BSVN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 0.4"LAT=42.037500 LON=-74.149167  BEARSVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4240745 0416 Z DH1143/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.448850 LON=-74.466240  NORTH BLENHEIM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4260742 0416 Z DH0820/DVH26/SFV 2.3"LAT=42.562544 LON=-74.232808  MIDDLEBURGH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4240733 0415 Z DH2040/DVH26/PPV 0.87"LAT=42.430000 LON=-73.290000  1 SE STEARNSVILLE  ASOS "/
.A MLTN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 4.0"LAT=43.006667 LON=-73.860556  MALTA  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4290737 0416 Z DH0843/DVH26/SFV 0.8"LAT=42.904972 LON=-73.688931  MECHANICVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4190731 0416 Z DH1321/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=41.927000 LON=-73.066900  WINSTED  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4200745 0416 Z DH0944/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=41.994403 LON=-74.470392  CLARYVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4190740 0416 Z DH0212/DVH26/PPV 1.37"LAT=41.899575 LON=-73.974656  ULSTER PARK  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250733 0416 Z DH1010/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.502290 LON=-73.270870  LANESBOROUGH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NCKN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.16"LAT=43.700833 LON=-73.983889  5 SE NORTH CREEK  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4280739 0415 Z DH2218/DVH26/PPV 0.99"LAT=42.817100 LON=-73.898000  NISKAYUNA  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A POUN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 0.5"LAT=41.650833 LON=-73.945000  POUGHKEEPSIE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4270739 0416 Z DH1015/DVH26/SFV 3.4"LAT=42.673155 LON=-73.918126  2 NNE VOORHEESVILLE  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4210738 0416 Z DH1204/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=42.134440 LON=-73.785610  LIVINGSTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4340737 0416 Z DH1230/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.358200 LON=-73.673700  QUEENSBURY  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4240734 0416 Z DH1201/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.373100 LON=-73.368100  RICHMOND  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4240736 0416 Z DH0814/DVH26/SFV 1.5"LAT=42.402660 LON=-73.618370  CHATHAM CENTER  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4340743 0416 Z DH1139/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=43.439430 LON=-74.316150  WELLS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A BRUN6 0416 Z DH1230/DVH24/PPV 1.15"LAT=42.743056 LON=-73.655000  BRUNSWICK  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A INDN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 1.2"LAT=43.755556 LON=-74.276389  2 SW INDIAN LAKE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4260746 0416 Z DH1041/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.597036 LON=-74.593379  SUMMIT  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270740 0415 Z DH2040/DVH26/PPV 0.45"LAT=42.702879 LON=-73.965771  GUILDERLAND CENTER  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250733 0416 Z DH1103/DVH26/SFV 1.5"LAT=42.478852 LON=-73.274056  PITTSFIELD  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210737 0416 Z DH1145/DVH26/SFV 1.7"LAT=42.090870 LON=-73.675570  TAGHKANIC  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280739 0416 Z DH1227/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=42.820000 LON=-73.920000  SCHENECTADY - GE PLOT  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4230740 0415 Z DH2106/DVH26/PPV 0.42"LAT=42.302290 LON=-74.031860  CAIRO  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A PEKN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 1.5"LAT=43.115000 LON=-74.423333  7 NW GLOVERSVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A TRYN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 1.2"LAT=42.752222 LON=-73.689444  TROY  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4210743 0416 Z DH1022/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.065910 LON=-74.337540  PHOENICIA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210735 0416 Z DH0733/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.067922 LON=-73.529025  COPAKE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4200739 0416 Z DH1119/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=41.995600 LON=-73.876600  RED HOOK  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A NBLN6 0416 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.22"LAT=42.465833 LON=-74.462500  7 N NORTH BLENHEIM  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4250733 0415 Z DH2204/DVH26/PPV 1.35"LAT=42.502290 LON=-73.270870  LANESBOROUGH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NY-DT-10 0416 Z DH0900/DVH24/PPV 1.21"LAT=41.647000 LON=-73.897000  4 SSE POUGHKEEPSIE  COCORAHS "/
.A X4370737 0416 Z DH1009/DVH26/SFV 1.2"LAT=43.692910 LON=-73.718710  BRANT LAKE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210738 0416 Z DH0251/DVH26/PPV 1.24"LAT=42.134440 LON=-73.785610  LIVINGSTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280741 0416 Z DH1022/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=42.793778 LON=-74.088728  PRINCETOWN  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4200736 0416 Z DH1004/DVH26/SFV 1.8"LAT=42.045180 LON=-73.586400  ANCRAMDALE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280739 0416 Z DH0319/DVH26/SFV 2.9"LAT=42.840400 LON=-73.894500  1 SSW AQUEDUCT  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4250736 0416 Z DH0248/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=42.472710 LON=-73.644150  NORTH CHATHAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280736 0416 Z DH0300/DVH26/SFV 2.2"LAT=42.761590 LON=-73.612040  CENTER BRUNSWICK  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NSKN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 0.89"LAT=42.796389 LON=-73.876667  NISKAYUNA  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4240736 0415 Z DH2158/DVH26/PPV 0.70"LAT=42.402660 LON=-73.618370  CHATHAM CENTER  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4340743 0415 Z DH2128/DVH26/PPV 1.08"LAT=43.439430 LON=-74.316150  WELLS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300742 0415 Z DH2030/DVH26/PPV 0.89"LAT=42.992990 LON=-74.183030  PERTH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270738 0416 Z DH0342/DVH26/SFV 3.4"LAT=42.723942 LON=-73.756975  LATHAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NVLN6 0416 Z DH1225/DVH24/PPV 1.10"LAT=43.233333 LON=-74.166667  NORTHVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A TMSC3 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.91"LAT=41.694722 LON=-73.062222  THOMASTON DAM  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NY-GR-6 0416 Z DH0925/DVH24/PPV 0.85"LAT=42.360450 LON=-73.983468  3 E FREEHOLD  COCORAHS "/
.A X4300742 0416 Z DH0906/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.955130 LON=-74.205500  AMSTERDAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270738 0416 Z DH0205/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.660000 LON=-73.810000  2 W ALBANY  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4320737 0416 Z DH1142/DVH26/SFV 3.1"LAT=43.182000 LON=-73.749700  WILTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A BSVN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.13"LAT=42.037500 LON=-74.149167  BEARSVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4260746 0415 Z DH2052/DVH26/PPV 1.77"LAT=42.557090 LON=-74.608640  SUMMIT  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NFKC3 0416 Z DH1200/DVH24/SFV 2.6"LAT=41.972500 LON=-73.220833  NORFOLK  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4250746 0416 Z DH0836/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=42.458790 LON=-74.581720  JEFFERSON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A MLTN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.14"LAT=43.006667 LON=-73.860556  MALTA  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4240733 0415 Z DH2120/DVH26/PPV 1.37"LAT=42.447506 LON=-73.267108  PITTSFIELD  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310741 0415 Z DH2110/DVH26/PPV 1.20"LAT=43.142660 LON=-74.137420  FISHHOUSE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4290746 0415 Z DH2209/DVH26/PPV 1.08"LAT=42.872239 LON=-74.594336  CANAJOHARIE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4330738 0416 Z DH0932/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=43.256280 LON=-73.832810  LAKE LUZERNE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210743 0415 Z DH2132/DVH26/PPV 1.27"LAT=42.065910 LON=-74.337540  PHOENICIA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280746 0415 Z DH1529/DVH26/PPV 0.75"LAT=42.788831 LON=-74.622211  SHARON SPRINGS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A NY-SR-23 0416 Z DH0900/DVH24/SFV 2.5"LAT=43.131628 LON=-73.737167  3 S WILTON  COCORAHS "/
.A X4240736 0416 Z DH0300/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.358836 LON=-73.599347  CHATHAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4290739 0416 Z DH1015/DVH26/SFV 1.2"LAT=42.860100 LON=-73.915900  EAST GLENVILLE  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4240737 0416 Z DH1232/DVH26/SFV 1.1"LAT=42.391210 LON=-73.708690  KINDERHOOK  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A POUN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.64"LAT=41.650833 LON=-73.945000  POUGHKEEPSIE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NPZN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.01"LAT=41.754722 LON=-74.061111  NEW PALTZ  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4240743 0416 Z DH0808/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.419440 LON=-74.316260  GILBOA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A TRBN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.00"LAT=42.963056 LON=-74.288611  TRIBES HILL LK 12  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4290738 0416 Z DH0405/DVH26/SFV 3.8"LAT=42.858300 LON=-73.820800  2 S CLIFTON PARK CENTER  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A BALV1 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 0.66"LAT=43.133333 LON=-72.766667  BALL MOUNTAIN LAKE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4370737 0415 Z DH2043/DVH26/PPV 1.09"LAT=43.692910 LON=-73.718710  BRANT LAKE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310741 0416 Z DH1130/DVH26/SFV 0.2"LAT=43.073169 LON=-74.141681  BROADALBIN  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4200736 0415 Z DH2150/DVH26/PPV 1.08"LAT=42.045180 LON=-73.586400  ANCRAMDALE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A SRAN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=43.090000 LON=-73.790833  SARATOGA SPRINGS  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4300734 0415 Z DH1521/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.953600 LON=-73.434700  BUSKIRK  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A INDN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 0.64"LAT=43.755556 LON=-74.276389  2 SW INDIAN LAKE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4250736 0415 Z DH2324/DVH26/PPV 0.77"LAT=42.472710 LON=-73.644150  NORTH CHATHAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280736 0415 Z DH2147/DVH26/PPV 0.52"LAT=42.761590 LON=-73.612040  CENTER BRUNSWICK  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4260730 0416 Z DH0247/DVH26/SFV 0.7"LAT=42.597840 LON=-73.043570  SAVOY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4180740 0415 Z DH2028/DVH26/PPV 1.03"LAT=41.824870 LON=-73.965950  ESOPUS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280737 0415 Z DH2157/DVH26/PPV 0.68"LAT=42.750190 LON=-73.748200  LATHAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A PEKN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.48"LAT=43.115000 LON=-74.423333  7 NW GLOVERSVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A TRYN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 0.47"LAT=42.752222 LON=-73.689444  TROY  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4290742 0416 Z DH0304/DVH26/PPV 1.25"LAT=42.894658 LON=-74.183586  AMSTERDAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250746 0415 Z DH2056/DVH26/PPV 1.00"LAT=42.458790 LON=-74.581720  JEFFERSON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A JWTN6 0416 Z DH1000/DVH24/SFV 3.7"LAT=42.235556 LON=-74.143333  EAST JEWETT  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4330740 0415 Z DH2002/DVH26/PPV 1.00"LAT=43.306478 LON=-74.026969  HADLEY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4320738 0415 Z DH2130/DVH26/PPV 1.01"LAT=43.235630 LON=-73.833340  CORINTH  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270736 0416 Z DH0257/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.735800 LON=-73.561900  BRUNSWICK  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4240737 0415 Z DH2145/DVH26/PPV 0.98"LAT=42.391210 LON=-73.708690  KINDERHOOK  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4210742 0416 Z DH1008/DVH26/SFV 0.8"LAT=42.076400 LON=-74.228300  WILLOW  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A PLCN6 0416 Z DH1000/DVH24/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.138889 LON=-74.091389  PLATTE CLOVE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4310732 0416 Z DH0945/DVH26/SFV 1.2"LAT=43.103950 LON=-73.237878  WEST ARLINGTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4240743 0415 Z DH2100/DVH26/PPV 1.00"LAT=42.419440 LON=-74.316260  GILBOA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4290745 0415 Z DH2100/DVH26/PPV 1.05"LAT=42.900800 LON=-74.526650  PALATINE BRIDGE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310741 0415 Z DH2237/DVH26/PPV 1.25"LAT=43.073169 LON=-74.141681  BROADALBIN  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A BAKC3 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 1.2"LAT=41.858333 LON=-73.010278  BAKERSVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4310740 0416 Z DH1009/DVH26/SFV 1.8"LAT=43.103290 LON=-74.020330  PROVIDENCE`  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280736 0416 Z DH1103/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.774914 LON=-73.643007  TROY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A ROSN6 0416 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.08"LAT=41.843056 LON=-74.086389  2 E ROSENDALE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NFKC3 0416 Z DH1200/DVH24/PPV 1.35"LAT=41.972500 LON=-73.220833  NORFOLK  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4160733 0416 Z DH0500/DVH26/SFV 3.3"LAT=41.556400 LON=-73.309200  ROXBURY  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A PHON6 0416 Z DH1018/DVH24/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.066389 LON=-74.337500  PHOENICIA  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4300738 0416 Z DH0930/DVH26/SFV 4.0"LAT=43.011400 LON=-73.790300  MALTA RIDGE  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A NY-SR-23 0416 Z DH0900/DVH24/PPV 1.01"LAT=43.131628 LON=-73.737167  3 S WILTON  COCORAHS "/
.A X4290739 0416 Z DH0209/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.948160 LON=-73.937470  CHARLTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310739 0416 Z DH0934/DVH26/SFV 3.5"LAT=43.060680 LON=-73.856897  MILTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270738 0416 Z DH1151/DVH24/PPV 0.72"LAT=42.746667 LON=-73.798889  ALBANY AP  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4190740 0416 Z DH1027/DVH26/PPV 1.39"LAT=41.928140 LON=-74.019060  KINGSTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270745 0416 Z DH0908/DVH26/PPV 1.00"LAT=42.704700 LON=-74.531210  SEWARD  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280737 0416 Z DH1300/DVH26/SFV 2.7"LAT=42.783100 LON=-73.744700  BOGHT CORNERS  NWS EMPLOYEE "/
.A X4220739 0416 Z DH0015/DVH26/PPV 0.96"LAT=42.216140 LON=-73.870920  CATSKILL  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250747 0416 Z DH0822/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.520040 LON=-74.696060  CHARLOTTEVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4200743 0416 Z DH0809/DVH26/PPV 1.41"LAT=41.967820 LON=-74.294120  WEST SHOKAN  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A SRAN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 0.83"LAT=43.090000 LON=-73.790833  SARATOGA SPRINGS  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4170740 0416 Z DH0528/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=41.660000 LON=-73.960000  MILTON  TRAINED SPOTTER "/
.A X4290747 0415 Z DH2101/DVH26/PPV 1.02"LAT=42.856480 LON=-74.724840  HESSVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4330736 0415 Z DH2040/DVH26/PPV 0.63"LAT=43.311100 LON=-73.645500  GLENS FALLS  ASOS "/
.A X4280736 0415 Z DH2106/DVH26/PPV 0.61"LAT=42.774914 LON=-73.643007  TROY  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4270737 0416 Z DH1140/DVH26/SFV 2.0"LAT=42.691200 LON=-73.728600  MENANDS  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4280737 0416 Z DH1015/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.794310 LON=-73.652170  SPEIGLETOWN  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4290738 0416 Z DH1158/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=42.910000 LON=-73.824200  JONESVILLE  RETIRED NWS EMP. "/
.A X4330736 0416 Z DH0922/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=43.306680 LON=-73.576650  HUDSON FALLS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A JWTN6 0416 Z DH1000/DVH24/PPV 1.75"LAT=42.235556 LON=-74.143333  EAST JEWETT  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A NCKN6 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/SFV 0.4"LAT=43.700833 LON=-73.983889  5 SE NORTH CREEK  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4270738 0415 Z DH2040/DVH26/PPV 0.37"LAT=42.749111 LON=-73.801972  1 NE SHAKERS  ASOS "/
.A X4240742 0416 Z DH1113/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=42.400160 LON=-74.174150  DURHAM  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4290739 0415 Z DH2043/DVH26/PPV 0.45"LAT=42.948160 LON=-73.937470  CHARLTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310739 0416 Z DH0122/DVH26/PPV 0.56"LAT=43.060680 LON=-73.856897  MILTON  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4280737 0416 Z DH1037/DVH26/SFV 3.2"LAT=42.775000 LON=-73.711620  COHOES  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A PLCN6 0416 Z DH1000/DVH24/PPV 1.55"LAT=42.138889 LON=-74.091389  PLATTE CLOVE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A BRUN6 0416 Z DH1230/DVH24/SFV 2.5"LAT=42.743056 LON=-73.655000  BRUNSWICK  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4230744 0416 Z DH1105/DVH26/SFV 3.5"LAT=42.332590 LON=-74.368470  ASHLAND  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300738 0416 Z DH0400/DVH26/SFV 3.8"LAT=42.971100 LON=-73.793100  MALTA  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4350738 0416 Z DH1010/DVH26/SFV 1.2"LAT=43.493656 LON=-73.773611  WARRENSBURG  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4300744 0416 Z DH1008/DVH26/SFV 0.5"LAT=42.952940 LON=-74.374060  FONDA  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310738 0416 Z DH1037/DVH26/SFV 3.0"LAT=43.063880 LON=-73.779260  SARATOGA SPRINGS  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4250747 0415 Z DH2151/DVH26/PPV 0.90"LAT=42.520040 LON=-74.696060  CHARLOTTEVILLE  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4190737 0416 Z DH0000/DVH26/PPV 1.44"LAT=41.865800 LON=-73.715800  STANFORDVILLE  FACEBOOK "/
.A X4230736 0416 Z DH0240/DVH26/SFV 1.0"LAT=42.345706 LON=-73.565294  AUSTERLITZ  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A BAKC3 0416 Z DH1100/DVH24/PPV 1.49"LAT=41.858333 LON=-73.010278  BAKERSVILLE  CO-OP OBSERVER "/
.A X4240740 0416 Z DH1032/DVH26/SFV 2.5"LAT=42.415000 LON=-74.009280  GREENVILLE CENTER  WEATHERNET6 "/
.A X4310740 0416 Z DH0826/DVH26/SFV 3.1"LAT=43.137411 LON=-73.976125  MIDDLE GROVE  WEATHERNET6 "/


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