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Hydro-Met Data Report Part 5
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SRUS51 KOKX 152151
.AR 0801H 20140415 Z DH1700/PP 1.12 /SF M /SD M :NY-BM-21 Windsor 8.0 SE
:Lat 42.00992, Lng -75.51417, Broome
.AR 6241S 20140415 Z DH1600/PP 0.83 /SF M /SD M :NY-HM-1 Speculator 10.0 SSW
:Lat 43.451331, Lng -74.47115, Hamilton
.AR NYTM28 20140415 Z DH1730/PP NA /SF M /SD M :NY-TM-28 Ithaca 2.2 NW
:Lat 42.465323, Lng -76.535193, Tompkins
.AR 6250S 20140415 Z DH1500/PP NA /SF M /SD M :NY-LV-5 Dansville 1.0 ENE
:Lat 42.568015, Lng -77.678981, Livingston
.AR 0845H 20140415 Z DH2130/PP 0.68 /SF M /SD M :NY-ES-1 Lake Placid 1.5 N
:Lat 44.304886, Lng -73.986382, Essex
.AR 7355B 20140415 Z DH1920/PP NA /SF 2.00 /SD 1.00 :NY-CQ-19 Ripley 4.3 SSW
:Lat 42.2127342224121, Lng -79.7554626464844, Chautauqua

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