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Hydro-Met Data Report Part 2
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SRUS55 KBOU 201352

AGAC2 67/39/0/0/0         :AGATE                          NW46
ASCC2 66/34/T/0/0         :ARBOLES 5WNW                   SW23
ASIC2 50/30/0.52/0/T      :ASPEN SPRINGS                  N36
EAGC2 67/45/T/0/0         :AURORA 7S                      SE40
BALC2 57/30/0.20/0/T      :BAILEY 5N                      WC36
HGRC2 56/31/0.18/0/0      :BAILEY #2 7N                   WC36
BKFC2 65/42/0.01/0/0      :BLACK FOREST 6WNW              NC84
BGHC2 70/40/0.08/0/0      :BRIGHTON 5WNW                  N40
BCOC2 72/44/0.20/0/0      :BROOMFIELD                     NW40
BYEC2 68/43/0/0/0         :BYERS 2WSW                     SC45
CLHC2 66/43/0/0/0         :CALHAN 5SW                     E84
CNNC2 73/50/0/0/0         :CANON CITY                     C83
CSLC2 66/43/0.03/0/0      :CASTLE ROCK 1NE #2             W41
CKDC2 63/24/0/0/0         :CIMARRON 8NW                   W14
CSEC2 56/46/0.02/0/0      :COLORADO SPRINGS 7NE           NW85
CMMC2 68/44/0.04/0/0      :COMMERCE CITY 2NE              C40
CNRC2 45/34/0.23/0/2      :CONIFER 4WNW                   C36
CRZC2 67/37/0/0/0         :CORTEZ  11NW                   C21
CRKC2 70/34/0/0/0         :CROOK                          NE48
CRHC2 61/31/0.23/0/0      :CROW HILL                      WC36
ELZC2 65/42/0/0/0         :ELIZABETH 2E                   C41
ELAC2 69/41/0.01/0/0      :ELIZABETH #2                   C41
WUDC2 69/43/0.03/0/0      :ENGLEWOOD 2SSE                 SW40
ENLC2 71/48/0.03/0/0      :ENGLEWOOD #2                   SW40
FRSC2 59/31/0.40/0/0      :FLORISSANT                     WC81
FOGC2 67/39/0/0/0         :FORT MORGAN 1NW                C44
FNKC2 61/39/0.05/0/0      :FRANKTOWN 3E                   NW41
GHAC2 61/41/0.13/0/0      :GRAND JUNCTION 4W              C6
GEYC2 74/32/T/0/0         :GREELEY 6NW                    NW43
GUXC2 62/28/0/0/0         :GUNNISON 3WSW                  E14
HLRC2 69/46/0.04/0/0      :HIGHLANDS RANCH                SW40
HGIC2 71/44/0.04/0/0      :HYGIENE                        N39
LAFC2 67/43/0.20/0/0      :LAFAYETTE 1N                   EC39
LGEC2 55/33/0.37/0/0      :LAKE GEORGE 1NW                SE37
LKEC2 67/47/T/0/0         :LAKEWOOD #1                    S39
LNWC2 52/38/0.07/T/19     :LEADVILLE                      C59
LMMC2 69/41/0/0/0         :LIMON #2                       C46
MKHC2 76/42/0.18/0/0      :MACK                           NW6
MAZC2 83/54/0/0/0         :MANZANOLA 2SE                  NC93
MNOC2 70/41/T/0/0         :MONTROSE                       SC11
MKDC2 65/38/0.03/0/0      :MONTROSE 2E #2                 SE11
NDLC2 52/31/0.64/0/24     :NEDERLAND 1NW                  SW35
PAKC2 63/44/0.03/0/0      :PARKER 3NE                     NW41
PJUC2 59/32/0.20/0/0      :PINE JUNCTION                  C31
PUNC2 81/55/0/0/0         :PUEBLO     #2                  C86
PWDC2 82/49/0.02/0/0      :PUEBLO WEST                    C86
ROFC2 83/57/0/0/0         :ROCKY FORD                     NC93
ROSC2 61/34/0/0/0         :ROSITA                         WC79
SDGC2 65/43/0/0/0         :SEDGWICK 5S                    W50
SOHC2 71/44/0/0/0         :STRATTON                       C91
WSMC2 70/45/0.10/0/0      :WESTMINSTER 6N                 NW40
WDRC2 66/35/0/0/0         :WOODROW 6NNE                   SE44

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