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1153 PM EDT Wed Oct 15 2014 /1053 PM CDT Wed Oct 15 2014/


On the afternoon of Monday, October 13th, scattered thunderstorms
affected parts of the Florida Panhandle and Big Bend well out
ahead of an advancing cold front. In the vicinity of the
Apalachicola River, several of these storms were rotating
supercells and produced tornadoes. These tornadoes were evident in
real time via a radar tornadic debris signature. Tornadic debris
can be detected on radar now due to the recent dual polarization
upgrades to the National Weather Service radar network. Another
tornado occurred Monday Night with storms that had developed
closer to the primary cold front.


All of these tornadoes are preliminarily assessed to be EF-0 on
the Enhanced Fujita Scale. An EF-0 rating corresponds to a peak
3-second wind gust of 65 to 85 mph. The damage was primarily to
trees and other vegetation.

 1. Around 3 miles west-northwest of Scotts Ferry
    Calhoun County, Florida
    Approximately 4:21 PM CDT, October 13th

 2. Around 4 miles north-northeast of Hays Place
    Franklin County, Florida
    Approximately 8:29 PM EDT, October 13th

 3. Around 4 miles east of Sumatra
    Liberty County, Florida
    Approximately 8:50 PM EDT, October 13th

 4. Near Sumatra
    Liberty County, Florida
    Approximately 9:59 PM EDT, October 13th


This tornado is preliminarily assessed to be EF-0 on the Enhanced
Fujita Scale. An EF-0 rating corresponds to a peak 3-second wind
gust of 65-85 mph. The damage near Cottondale was primarily to
trees and other vegetation, although some structures received
damage as well. A house had a garage door blown in and some of the
roof structure removed. Wind gusts at this location were likely
near the upper end of the EF-0 range, around 75-80 mph.

 5. Near Cottondale
    Jackson County, Florida
    Approximately 3:00 AM CDT, October 14th

 --- OTHER NOTES ---

Thank you to all of partners who assisted with the collection of
damage reports in real-time and after the event, including local
emergency management and members of the media.

Please note that all information contained in this statement is
preliminary, and may be further revised prior to entry in official
National Weather Service Storm Data reports.


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