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NWUS55 KCYS 121553

953 AM MDT FRI SEP 12 2014

..TIME...   ...EVENT...      ...CITY LOCATION...     ...LAT.LON...
..DATE...   ....MAG....      ..COUNTY LOCATION..ST.. ...SOURCE....

0800 AM     SNOW             5 S GUERNSEY            42.19N 104.74W
09/12/2014  M2.5 INCH        PLATTE             WY   MESONET

0600 AM     SNOW             4 WSW DOUGLAS           42.73N 105.47W
09/12/2014  M2.0 INCH        CONVERSE           WY   MESONET

0700 AM     SNOW             13 SSW MANVILLE         42.61N 104.71W
09/12/2014  M2.0 INCH        PLATTE             WY   MESONET

0600 AM     SNOW             17 WNW CHEYENNE         41.24N 105.09W
09/12/2014  M1.0 INCH        LARAMIE            WY   MESONET

0600 AM     SNOW             CHEYENNE                41.15N 104.79W
09/12/2014  M0.7 INCH        LARAMIE            WY   OFFICIAL NWS OBS

0800 AM     SNOW             PRAIRIE CENTER          42.51N 104.20W
09/12/2014  M3.0 INCH        GOSHEN             WY   PUBLIC

0800 AM     SNOW             25 S GLENROCK           42.50N 105.86W
09/12/2014  M4.0 INCH        CONVERSE           WY   PUBLIC

            OBSERVED AT 7000 FEET.

0800 AM     SNOW             11 NW LOST SPRINGS      42.88N 105.08W
09/12/2014  M1.5 INCH        CONVERSE           WY   MESONET

0600 AM     SNOW             SHIRLEY BASIN           42.35N 106.21W
09/12/2014  M2.0 INCH        CARBON             WY   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             29 N TORRINGTON         42.49N 104.18W
09/12/2014  M3.7 INCH        GOSHEN             WY   CO-OP OBSERVER

0700 AM     SNOW             9 NE HARRISON           42.78N 103.76W
09/12/2014  M1.0 INCH        SIOUX              NE   CO-OP OBSERVER

0800 AM     SNOW             HEMINGFORD              42.32N 103.08W
09/12/2014  M1.0 INCH        BOX BUTTE          NE   CO-OP OBSERVER

0800 AM     SNOW             2 NE KIMBALL            41.25N 103.63W
09/12/2014  M1.0 INCH        KIMBALL            NE   CO-OP OBSERVER




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