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Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Thursday April 24, 2014

During the previous 24-hours, ending at 12Z Thursday, a heavy band
of precipitation fell across Nebraska and extending into Northwest
Kansas. A broad area saw precipitation amounts that exceeded 1.00
inches. The heaviest band fell in Southeast Nebraska with amounts
in excess of 3.00 inches. Colorado saw a small area with
precipitation amounts over. 0.50 inches. Elsewhere around the
basin, precipitation amounts generally remained below 0.25 inches.
The table below list locations receiving more than 2.50 inches of

STATION     DESCRIPTION                    RPT(in.)
HALL009     DONIPHAN NE 2W                  4.15
HAMI016     AURORA NE 4W                    3.13
ADAM013     HASTINGS NE 5NNW                3.09
HAMI012     HORDVILLE NE 4SE                3.01
HALL005     DONIPHAN NE 4ENE                3.00
HAMI003     HAMPTON NE 3ESE                 3.00
ARRN1       AURORA NE 4N                    2.97
AUH         AURORA AWOS                     2.94
PHLN1       PHILLIPS, NE 4SE                2.90
ADAM002     JUNIATA NE 6SSW                 2.86
POLK012     NeRain Stn                      2.85
ADAM001     JUNIATA NE 2S                   2.78
KEAR005     WILCOX NE                       2.78
HAMI017     NeRain Stn                      2.70
HSTN1       HASTINGS NE 4N                  2.63
HAMI005     NeRain Stn                      2.60
PHEL001     WILCOX NE 1NNW                  2.58
HAMI002     HAMPTON NE 1ENE                 2.55

River model precipitation input has returned to 24 hours.

During the next 24-hours, ending at 12Z Friday, the system affecting
the Midwest with continue to push easterward bringing precipitation
to Eastern Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. Precipitation amounts are
expected to exceed 0.50 inches for most of Missouri with the
heaviest amounts exceeding 1.00 inches. Lighter precipitation is
also forecast across Montana and North Dakota, with amounts
remaining below 0.25 inches.

No flooding is occurring, and none is forecast during the next
couple of days.

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                              Time Z
BGH     BIGHORN                           15:26 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            14:27 Z
MIL     MILK                              14:37 Z
MIL     MILK                              14:40 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:24 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    14:54 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    14:55 Z
USH     UPPER SMOKY HILL                  12:30 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       15:29 Z



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