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Daily Hydrologic Activities Discussion
NWS Missouri Basin River Forecast Center Pleasant Hill MO
Friday September 19, 2014

Precipitation fell across parts of Montana, Wyoming, and the Dakotas over the
past 24 hours.  Basin average amounts were generally less than 1.00 inch.  Another
area of precpitation fell across southeastern Kansas with basin average amounts
less than 0.50 inches.  Elsewhere across the Missouri River basin, little or no
precipitation fell.

Some of the higher 24 hour local amounts include:

 ID        DESCRIPTION            STATE     09/19
 --------  ---------------------  -----     -----
 FSHM8     FISHER CREEK           MT         1.20
 GRSW4     GRASSY LAKE            WY         1.00
 SCRW4     SHELL CREEK            WY         1.00
 SBYM8     SODA BUTTE RAWS        MT         0.95
 LWSW4     LEWIS LAKE DIVIDE      WY         0.90
 SKRW4     SNAKE RIVER STATION    WY         0.90
 WHTM8     WHITE MILL             MT         0.90
 SNKW4     SNAKE RIVER            WY         0.87
 NORM8     NORTHEAST ENTRANCE     MT         0.80
 SYLW4     SYLVAN LAKE            WY         0.80
 SBCM8     SILVER GATE 2WSW       MT         0.77
 EBMM8     BOULDER MINE SNOTEL    MT         0.60
 EVNW4     EVENING STAR           WY         0.60
 TCKW4     NORRIS JUNCTION 1NW    WY         0.59
 MBRM8     MAIN BOULDER RAWS      MT         0.53
 BTKM8     BURNT CREEK RAWS       MT         0.52
 TFAW4     TOWER FALLS STATION    WY         0.51
 BBSW4     BLIND BULL SUMMIT      WY         0.50
 BSKM8     LONE MOUNTAIN          MT         0.50
 SHFM8     SHOWER FALLS           MT         0.50
 SYRW4     SYLVAN ROAD            WY         0.50
 EYPW4     YELLOWSTONE NP EAST    WY         0.50

Precipitation is forecast across eastern Nebraska into Iowa over the next 24 hours.  Basin average amounts should be less than 0.50 inches.  Little or no precipitation is forecast across the remainder of the basin.

No river flooding is occurring across the Missouri River basin, and none is forecast
through the next several days.

Forecasts issued today:
RVF Group                              Time Z
JAM     JAMES/VERMILLION                  13:15 Z
KSR     KANSAS                            13:23 Z
MOM     MISSOURI MAINSTEM                 14:17 Z
SPL     SOUTH PLATTE                      14:06 Z
UMO     UPPER MISSOURI                    15:04 Z
YEL     YELLOWSTONE                       13:38 Z



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