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NOUS65 KCYS 181825
Message Date:  Apr 18 2014 18:25:40

THE CYS 88D IS BACK IN SERVICE                                                                                      /NEXRAA 0365 1804141815 UNEDITED                                      /MDPCPN /SC0906 /NI0451:                                              ILN1,INJ1,ILG1B,ING110B11,ILD1B001101G,JLA1O,JLB1H001E011,JLC1C011010B1D01B,JLD1C0B1B,JPP1,KKM1D001D,KPI11,KKN1221011211,KPJ11,KKO1121B21,  KPG1B,KKL1F2,KPH1C,LKI1G01,LPE1C001,LKB10B1D,LPF1B0B11,LKC10101B211,  LPK1F88,LKD1101B211211,LPL1F88,MKA1B01D21B,MPM1E088,MJF1F21B221B,MQF1C008,MJG1C001E611,MQO118,MIH1101101102211001011,MRD188,NIE1101E21B00101,NRE8,NIB1M,NIG1H2211,NID1E221121C,OIA1E2112D1,OIB1H2B3321,OIC1I2D1,  OID1J01011,PII1L0C1,PIJ1101I,PPB1,PIG81001I,PIL1001J,QJE11011011001,  QOI1,QJN1,QOF11,QOC1B,QMP1101,RMM11,RMN81,RMO8,RMP8                   /MT230:NJO                                                            /NCEN00:                                                              /ENDAA
   /NEXRBB 0365 1804141815                                               040D199021,050A273037,060A232020,070A253035,080B238037,090B220031,    100B206031,120A205036,140A211039,160A213037,180A225037,200A234040,    250A233063                                                            /ENDBB                                                                /NEXRCC 0365 1804141815                                               /NTVS00:                                                              /NMES00:                                                              /NCEN00:                                                              LIER COEFFICIENT  300          GRAUPEL MULT COEFF            0.8

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