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12 Hour Winds Aloft ForecastFD2
12 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)FD9
24 Hour Winds Aloft ForecastFD3
24 Hr Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)FD0
3 To 5 Day Extended ForecastEFP
6 Hour Fd Winds Aloft Fcst (45,000 and 53,000 Ft)FD8
6 Hour Winds Aloft ForecastFD1
911 Telephone Outage EmergencyTOE
Agricultural ForecastAGF
Agricultural ObservationsAGO
Air Quality AlertAQA
Air Quality Index StatementAQI
Air Stagnation AdvisoryASA
Aircraft ReconnaissanceURN
Airmet (Anchorage, AK)WA8
Airmet (Fairbanks, AK)WA9
Airmet (Juneau, AK)WA7
Airmet (North Central)WA3
Airmet (Northeast)WA1
Airmet (Pacific)WA0
Airmet (Rocky Mountains)WA5
Airmet (South Central)WA4
Airmet (Southeast)WA2
Airmet (West Coast)WA6
Airmets (Anchorage, AK)FA8
Airmets (Fairbanks, AK)FA9
Airmets (Juneau, AK)FA7
Airmets (North Central)FA3
Airmets (Northeast)FA1
Airmets (Pacific)FA0
Airmets (Rocky Mountains)FA5
Airmets (South Central)FA4
Airmets (Southeast)FA2
Airmets (West Coast)FA6
Airport Weather WarningAWW
Alarm/Alert Administrative MsgADA
Alert Administrative MessageADM
Amended Marine ForecastMAW
APT PredictionSAT
Area Forecast DiscussionAFD
Area Forecast MatricesAFM
Area Forecast ProductAFP
Area Weather OutlookAWO
Area Weather SummaryAWS
Area Weather UpdateAWU
ASOS Daily SummaryDSM
ASOS Monthly Summary MessageMSM
ASOS SHEF Hourly Routine Test MessageRRY
Automated Hydrologic Observation Sta Report (AHOS)RRA
Avalanche WarningAVW
Avalanche WatchAVA
Average 6 To 10 Day Weather Outlook (Local)EOL
Aviation Tropical Cyclone AdvisoryTCA
Buoy ReportBOY
Center (CWSU) Weather AdvisoryCWA
Center (CWSU) Weather StatementCWS
Child Abduction EmergencyCAE
Civil Danger WarningCDW
Civil Emergency MessageCEM
Climate ReportCLT
Climatological Report (Annual)CLA
Climatological Report (Daily)CLI
Climatological Report (Monthly)CLM
Climatological Report (Quarterly)CLQ
Climatological Report (Seasonal)CLS
Coast Guard ObservationsBRG
Coast Guard Surface ReportCGR
Coastal Flood Warnings/Watches/StatementsCFW
Coastal Waters ForecastCWF
Coded Analysis and ForecastsCOD
Coded City ForecastCCF
Coded Climatological Monthly MeansCMM
Computer Hurricane GuidanceCHG
Convective Forecast ProductCFP
Daily Dispersion OutlookDDO
Daily Hydrometeorological ProductsHYD
Daily River ForecastsRVD
Daily Snotel DataRSD
Data Mgt MessageNOX
Drought Information StatementDGT
Earthquake ReportEQR
Earthquake WarningEQW
EAS Activation RequestRET
Evacuation ImmediateEVI
Extended Streamflow GuidanceESG
Extended Streamflow PredictionESP
Extreme Wind WarningEWW
Fire Danger IndicesFDI
Fire WarningFRW
Fire Weather Administrative MessageFWA
Fire Weather NotificationFWN
Fire Weather ObservationFWO
Fire Weather Outlook DiscussionFWD
Fire Weather Point Forecast MatricesPFW
Flash Flood GuidanceFFG
Flash Flood StatementFFS
Flash Flood WarningFFW
Flash Flood WatchFFA
Flood Potential OutlookESF
Flood StatementFLS
Flood WarningFLW
Forecast Verification StatisticsVER
FOUS Prog Max/Min Temp/Pop GuidanceFTP
Freezing Level Data (RADAT)FZL
Generic Space Environment AdvisoryADV
Great Lakes ForecastGLF
Great Lakes Port ForecastCPF
Great Lakes Storm SummaryGLS
Hazardous Materials WarningHMW
Hazardous Weather OutlookHWO
Headwater GuidanceFFH
Heat Index Forecast TablesPRB
High Seas ForecastHSF
Hourly Roundup for Weather RadioBRT
Hourly Weather RoundupHWR
Hurricane Local StatementHLS
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 1RR1
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 2RR2
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 3RR3
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 4RR4
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 5RR5
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 6RR6
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 7RR7
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 8RR8
Hydro-Met Data Report Part 9RR9
Hydrometeorological DiscussionHMD
Ice Drift VectorsIDM
Ice ForecastICE
Ice ObservationIOB
International Sigmet / Convective SigmetSIG
Keep Alive MessageKPA
Lake StagesLKE
Land Management ForecastsFWL
Law Enforcement WarningLEW
Lightning DataLTG
Local Area EmergencyLAE
Local Cooperative ObservationLCO
Local ForecastLFP
Local Storm ReportLSR
Low TemperaturesLOW
Low-Level SoundingLLS
Main Synoptic Hour Surface ObservationSSM
Marine Interpretation MessageMIM
Marine Verification Coded MessageMVF
Marine Weather MessageMWW
Marine Weather StatementMWS
Marine/Aviation Tropical Cyclone AdvisoryTCM
Mean Areal PrecipitationMAP
METAR Formatted Surface Weather ObservationMTR
METAR Test MessageMTT
Miscellaneous Fire Weather ProductFWM
Miscellaneous Hydrologic DataRRM
Miscellaneous Local ProductMIS
Miscellaneous River ProductRVM
MOB ObservationsMOB
Monthly Hydrometeorological Plain Language ProductHYM
Monthly Snotel DataRSM
National Flood SummaryFLN
Natl Marine Fisheries Administrative Service MessageFSH
Nearshore Marine ForecastNSH
Network and Severe Weather Statistical SummariesSTA
NOAA Weather Radio ForecastNWR
Non-Precipitation Warnings / Watches / AdvisoriesNPW
Nuclear Power Plant WarningNUW
NWS Administrative MessageADR
Ocean Surface WindsOSW
Offshore Aviation Area ForecastOFA
Offshore ForecastOFF
Other Aviation ProductsOAV
Other Marine ProductsOMR
Other Public ProductsOPU
Other Surface ObservationsOSO
Other Upper Air DataOUA
Plain Language Ship ReportPLS
Point Forecast MatricesPFM
Post Storm Hurricane ReportPSH
Prelim Notice of Watch & Cancellation Msg (Aviation)SAW
Preliminary ForecastsPRE
Preliminary Local Climatological DataLCD
Probabilistic Outlook PointsPTS
Probability of ExceedPOE
Prognostic Meteorological DiscussionPMD
Public Information StatementPNS
Public Severe Weather OutlookPWO
Public Tropical Cyclone AdvisoryTCP
Quantitative Precipitation ForecastQPF
Quantitative Precipitation StatementQPS
Radiological Hazard WarningRHW
Rain Information StatementRNS
Rangeland Fire Danger ForecastRFD
Rawinsonde Data Above 100 MillibarsABV
Rawinsonde Observation Mandatory LevelsMAN
Rawinsonde Observation Significant LevelsSGL
Record ReportRER
Recreational ReportREC
Red Flag WarningRFW
Regional Max/Min Temp and Precipitation TableRTP
Regional Weather RoundupRWR
Regional Weather SummaryRWS
Regional Weather SynopsisSYN
Revised Digital ForecastRDF
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD4
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD1
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD2
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD9
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD7
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD8
RFC Derived QPF Data ProductHD3
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP4
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP1
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP2
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP5
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP6
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP7
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP8
RFC QPF Verification ProductHP3
RFI ObservationRFI
River ForecastRVF
River Ice StatementRVI
River Recreation StatementRVR
River StatementRVS
River SummaryRVA
Road Condition Reports (State Agencies)STO
Route ForecastRFR
Routine Fire Wx Fcst (With/Without 6-10 Day Outlook)FWF
Routine Space Environment Product (Daily)DAY
Routine Space Environment Product Issued MonthlyMON
Routine Space Environment Product Issued WeeklyWEK
Routine Space Environment ProductsCUR
Satellite Cloud ProductSCP
Satellite Interpretation MessageSIM
Satellite Precipitation Estimates (TXUS20 KWBC)SPE
Satellite Tropical Cyclone SummaryTCS
Satellite Tropical Disturbance SummarySTD
Selected Cities SummarySCS
Severe Local Storm Watch and Areal OutlineSLS
Severe Local Storm Watch and Watch Cancellation MsgSEL
Severe Storm Outlook Narrative (AC)SWO
Severe Thunderstorm / Tornado Watch ProbabilitiesWWP
Severe Thunderstorm WarningSVR
Severe Weather StatementSVS
Shelter in Place WarningSPW
Short Term ForecastNOW
Sigmet (North Central)WS3
Sigmet (Northeast)WS1
Sigmet (Rocky Mountains)WS5
Sigmet (South Central)WS4
Sigmet (Southeast)WS2
Sigmet (West Coast)WS6
Smoke Management Weather ForecastSMF
Snow Avalanche GuidanceSAG
Soaring GuidanceSRG
Soil Climate Analysis Network DataSCN
SOO ProductSOO
Space Environment AlertALT
Space Environment WarningWAR
Space Environment WatchWAT
Space Weather MessageSUM
SPC Watch Point Information MessageSEV
Speci Agri Wx Fcst / Advisory / Flying Farmer Fcst OutlookSAF
Special Avalanche BulletinSAB
Special Dispersion StatementSDS
Special Marine WarningSMW
Special Weather StatementSPS
Spot Forecast RequestSTQ
State ForecastSFP
State Max/Min Temperature and Precipitation TableSTP
State Pilot Report CollectivePRC
State Weather SummarySWS
Storm Strike Probability Bulletin (TPC)SPF
Storm SummarySCC
Supplementary Climatological Data (ASOS)SCD
Supplementary Data Observation (ASOS)SDO
Suppression ForecastFWS
Surf ForecastSRF
Surface Ship Report at Synoptic TimeSHP
Tabular State ForecastSFT
Techniques Development Laboratory Marine ProductMRP
Temperature Precipitation Table (Natl and Intnl)TPT
Terminal Aerodrome ForecastTAF
Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) VerificationVFT
Terminal Alerting ProductsTAP
Tide ReportTID
Tornado WarningTOR
Tornado/Severe Thunderstorm WatchWOU
Transcribed Weather BroadcastTWB
Travelers ForecastTVL
Travelers Forecast TableTAV
Tropical Cyclone DiscussionTCD
Tropical Cyclone Position EstimateTCE
Tropical Cyclone ProbabilitiesPWS
Tropical Cyclone SigmetWST
Tropical Cyclone UpdateTCU
Tropical Cyclone Watch/Warning Break PointsTCV
Tropical Weather DiscussionTWD
Tropical Weather Outlook and SummaryTWO
Tropical Weather SummaryTWS
Tsunami BulletinTIB
Tsunami BulletinEQI
Tsunami Tide/Seismic Message AcknowledgementTMA
Tsunami Watch/WarningTSU
Ultraviolet IndexUVI
Unnumbered Depression / Suspicious Area AdvisoryDSA
Upper Wind Fallout ForecastFOF
Volcanic Activity AdvisoryVAA
Volcanic Activity SigmetWSV
Volcano WarningVOW
Warning Decision UpdateWDU
Watch Status ReportWWA
Water Supply OutlookESS
Weather BulletinTUV
Weather Reconnaisance FlightsNOU
Weather RoundupHRR
Weather Watch Clearance NotificationWCN
Weekly Data for AgricultureWDA
Weekly Weather and Crop ReportWCR
WFO Monthly/Daily Climate DataCF6
Winds Aloft ForecastFD7
Winds Aloft ForecastFD4
Winds Aloft ForecastFD5
Winds Aloft ForecastFD6
Winter Weather Warnings / Watches / AdvisoriesWSW
WSR-88D Radar Outage Notification / Free Text MessageFTM
Zone ForecastOZF
Zone Forecast ProductZFP