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Daily Historical Weather for April 19

Late afternoon and evening severe weather, in the form of hail to the size of softballs and at least 5 tornadoes, affected southeast Oklahoma on this day in 2011. Stringtown, in Atoka county, received hail the size of softballs, while numerous tornadoes moved through the Kiamichi Mountains of far southeast Oklahoma. Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries.

After three days of very heavy rain, from April 17th to 19th, 1970, areas around Medford, Jefferson, Lamont, and Blackwell were struck by extensive flooding. The town of Jefferson was completely inundated. Only nine homes escaped damage, with a few buildings reporting as much as two feet of water in them. In Blackwell, 40 city blocks and 200 homes were flooded when the Chikaskia River crested at six and one-half feet above flood stage.

A severe hailstorm struck the Munday and Goree areas of Knox County, Texas, on this date in 1967. Damage was estimated at $1 million to property, and $500,000 to crops. Hailstones, some as large as golf balls, accumulated up to six inches deep. Some hail piles, drifted by the rain, were 2 to 3 feet deep. These same communities dodged a bullet the next day. A tornado touched down in open country 3 miles north of Munday, during the early afternoon, causing no damage.

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