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Links to Historical Weather Information

Looking for historical weather information? You can click on the icons above or the links in the paragraphs below to link to specific weather information.

Do you want to know to see if you received hail or strong winds on a particular day? The Storm Data page has storm reports available for central/western Oklahoma and western north Texas since 1992.

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Want to know what the record low temperature is for a particular day for Oklahoma City? Need to know what the actual high temperature was or if it rained a few days ago? The Climate Data page has daily or monthly climatological data for many locations!

Do you remember the Winter Storms of 2002? How about the Red River tornado outbreak of 1979? You can go access our Weather Events page to read up on these events and more.

Want an interesting Oklahoma weather fact for every day of the year? Use our Daily Weather History page to view historical weather information for a day, month or the entire year!

Weather History for June 30

June 2011 was a very warm and dry month across Oklahoma and Texas, just one in a long streak of months that led to extreme drought conditions. The month of June 2011 was the warmest June on record at Wichita Falls and the 3rd driest. Wichita Falls also saw the greatest number of days with high temperatures of at least 100 degrees in June, with that number being 28. At Oklahoma City, it was the 2nd warmest June and a record was set for the greatest number of days in the month of June with a high temperature of at least 90 degrees, all 30 days.

The wettest month in the history of Oklahoma City was June of 1989. June deluges have helped place four Junes into the top five wettest months in the city's history. In June 1989, Oklahoma City recorded 14.66 inches of rain. Several other cities across the state also had record rainfall that month, including Clinton with 13.46 inches, Anadarko with 10.98 inches, Waurika with 10.77 inches, and Ada with 9.47 inches. A vast majority of the rain fell in a two-week period at the beginning of the month. On five separate days, the rainfall exceeded one inch, reaching a maximum of 4.56 inches on the 13th. Oklahoma City went on to have the wettest summer on record, months June through August, with a total more than 22 inches of rain. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.