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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Website Issues

Where is the GraphiCast/Enhanced page?

We have moved the GraphiCast display to our main page. It should appear near the top of the page. A few of the features (such as multiple radar links) have not been retained, and a few features (such as multiple thumbnails of active graphics) are less convenient. However, improvements include better-looking graphics, animations (mainly of radar images), and captions for each graphic.

A link doesn't work. Should I send you an e-mail about that?

Yes. Please click the Webmaster link, found at the bottom of most pages on our site and send us an e-mail. It would help us a lot if you would include the address of the page with the bad link, the text of the bad link itself, and, if you know what it is, the corrected link address.

The current weather observation, given on the forecast page, shows "NULL" instead of the weather conditions. Why?

The weather observation has not been available for a long time (a day or two) for some reason. The most likely causes include equipment failure and communication failure. These, in turn, may be caused by severe weather (ice storms, high winds, etc.) or by accident (such as a cut power cable or communications line). The amount of time between the failure and restoration to service varies according to the magnitude of the cause of the failure and the site's maintainer. Sites maintained by this office are: Gage, Woodward, Stillwater, Ponca City, Guthrie, Wiley Post (OK City), Will Rogers (OK City), Clinton, Hobart, Frederick, Lawton, and Wichita Falls. Repairs at these sites are generally complete within a few days, except for the most catastrophic failures. Other sites use less-expensive (and less-reliable) equipment, and are typically owned by the state or local community. These owners may not be able to respond quickly to equipment failures. In extreme cases, many months may pass before repairs are made. These less expensive observing sites may also report incorrect weather conditions at times (snow is occasionally reported when rain is occurring, for example), even when otherwise functioning normally.

There is an error on this site. Should I e-mail you to let you know?

Please do send us a correction for anything that is clearly in error. Please also be tactful when you write - we work very hard to make this an informative and correct Web site. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.