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Satellite Images

Satellite Images Associated with the
December 24, 2009 Christmas Eve Blizzard

The images contained in this web page were provided courtesy of Scott Bachmeier at the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) and can be found within the CIMSS Satellite Blog.

GOES Infrared Satellite Image MODIS Observed Snow COver for December 25, 2009

The image on the left is an infrared (IR) satellite image (What is that?) that shows a heavy snow band focused on central Oklahoma at about 5 PM on Christmas Eve. The yellow icons are the "present weather". The asterisks indicate snow - the more asterisks, the heavier the snow. The image on the right is a high resolution satellite image in false color so that snow and ice cover is highlighted in pink. The snow cover image was taken on Christmas Day, or after the storm had departed Okalhoma. You can click on either image for a larger version.

For a different false color image of the snow cover, click here. You can also view an image that fades between a false color image, and a visible satellite image (basically a bird's eye view of the ground from space).

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