Tornadoes in Middle Tennessee on November 10, 2002

NWS Storm Survey of 4 Tornadoes in Middle Tennessee

The first tornado was rated F0 (40-72 mph) and briefly touched down about 1.2 miles east of the I-24 interchange on Highway 76. Trees were trees twisted and snapped. This occurred about 1250 am CST Sunday morning. This storm complex hit the Port Royal area and dropped a second tornado at 100 am CST. The F1 tornado (73-112 mph) demolished 2 mobile homes at the 3400 block of Port Royal Rd. The mobile homes were lifted off their foundation and thrown across the road. There were 2 fatalities. The path length of this tornado was 0.3 miles with a path width of ¼ mile.

The third tornado, an F0, struck around 105 am CST about a half mile north of Walnut Grove in Robertson County on Highway 76. Trees were twisted off and insulation debris from the mobile homes in Port Royal were found in this location.

The fourth tornado, in Sumner County, was the strongest as an F2 (113-157 mph). The tornado struck around 2 am CST Sunday. The heaviest damage was at 404 Glen Have Road in Portland.

[Two] mobile homes were demolished and blown off their foundation on College Road. A Chrysler Cirrus lX sedan was flipped and pushed 20 feet. A Ford Ranger truck flipped and rolled 90 feet. A 6 inch by 6 inch board was hurled through the roof of a modular home. The path length of this tornado was 2.6 miles and about ½ mile wide.

A tornado warning was issued at 1211 am CST Sunday for Montgomery County, 49 minutes before it struck Port Royal. Another tornado warning was issued for Sumner County at 148 am Sunday, 12 minutes before it struck Portland.


Track of the multiple tornadoes early Sunday morning


The remains of vehicles after a F2 tornado ripped through Portland


Debris from F2 tornado in Portland


Aftermath of an F1 tornado in Port Royal (Montgomery County)


What is left of a home after an F1 tornado in Montgomery County

Jerry Orchanian
Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Michael Davis
Information Technology Officer

NWS Storm Surveys of 3 Tornadoes Sunday Evening in Middle Tennessee

The Cumberland County tornado was surveyed by WCM Jerry Orchanian and HMT William Earl King. The tornado was rated as F3 (158-206 mph). The tornado caused 4 fatalities and injured 11. A couple died in a modular home and another couple died in a mobile home. The tornado touched down at 945 pm CST Sunday 4.1 miles SW of Crossville. It had a path length of 8.2 miles and a path width of a half mile. The tornado ended at about 955 pm CST, 5.6 miles southeast of Crossville. A brick home lost a roof on U.S. Highway 127 and just south of 3 Creek Road. [Four] other well constructed homes in the same area sustained roof damage. Another hard hit area for homes were on Lantana Road, Lantana Drive and Lantana Acres, and Dunbar Road, Pigeon Ridge. Many trees were uprooted and snapped. Power lines were down. [Five] individuals thanked the NSW for the timely tornado warning for Cumberland County, which was issued 931 pm CST Sunday. The WCM would like to thank Fire Chief Jeff Dodson for escorting us through the ravaged areas. Our thanks goes to EMA Director Keith Garrison and Linda Brooks for providing us valuable information.

The Bedford County and Coffee County tornadoes were surveyed by MIC Derrel Martin and DAPM Ralph Troutman. Both tornadoes were rated as F2 (113-157 mph) with a path width of ¼ mile. The path length of the Coffee County tornado was 5 miles and the Bedford County tornado was about one mile.

In Coffee County at New Union, or about 2 miles north of I-24, several homes were destroyed with walls down. The trailer homes were completely demolished in the nearby trailer park. One death occurred in the trailer. A 35 year-old male was impaled on the upright lid of a washing machine. Also, a young teenager, about 13 years-old, was killed inside a small frame house just east of the trailer park. He was ejected from the house and thrown about by the tornado.

Two fully loaded tractor trailer trucks were blown off I-24 near mile marker 105, in northern Coffee County. One truck was headed westbound, and the other truck was eastbound.

The tornado struck about 625 pm CST Sunday. A tornado warning was in effect for Bedford County at 600 pm CST.

A tornado struck earlier in Bedford County near Bugscuffle, which is southeast of Wartrace, between 545 pm and 600 pm. Only minor injuries occurred with this tornado. The second floor was torn off two late model frame houses. Several houses had roofs stripped and a couple of barns were demolished. The tornado warning for Bedford County was issued at 515 CST Sunday.

Many compliments were received by residents in Coffee and Bedford Counties for the timely warnings and safety tips, such as going into a closet, covering head and children with mattresses, taking shelter in a bathroom.

Derrel R. Martin

Jerry Orchanian
Warning Coordination Meteorologist

Ralph Troutman
Data Acquisition Program Manager

William Earl King
Hydro-Meteorological Technician



Tractor trailer overturned by tornado in Coffee County on I-24


Remains of a home in Coffee County after tornado


Home demolished in Coffee County from a strong F2 tornado

Track of the Bedford County tornado


House damaged from tornado in Cumberland County


Debris from aftermath of the Cumberland County tornado


Vehicle totaled by Cumberland County tornado

Greg Bearden, storm spotter in Maury County, has provided the following photographs of storms that passed near his area on Sunday afternoon.

November 10, 2002, 405 pm, looking south from Spring Hill on Highway 31

November 10, 2002, 405 pm, looking south from Spring Hill on Highway 31

November 10, 2002, 435 pm, looking southwest from Columbia

November 10, 2002, 445 pm, looking northeast from Highway 412 just east of Columbia is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.