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Bayfield WI, WI
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Ashland, Kennedy Memorial Airport08:53Overcast363597E 629.98
Hayward Municipal Airport08:53Overcast363286E 1029.91
Ironwood Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting09:35Overcast372870SE 13 G 2029.93
Phillips / Price County09:35 Light Rain333090E 1029.93
Duluth International Airport08:55 Light Drizzle Fog/Mist353393E 1629.90
Superior, Richard I. Bong Airport09:35 Light Rain343396NE 729.92
Rice Lake Regl - Carls Field Airport09:35 Light Rain383694E 12 G 1829.86
Eau Claire, Chippewa Valley Regional Airport08:56 Light Rain393793E 1529.84
Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport08:53 Rain Fog/Mist403997E 1429.78
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
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