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Brownsville TX, TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Brownsville / South Padre Island Intl Airport11:53Fair817994SE 1029.81
Harlingen, Rio Grande Valley International Airport11:52Fair817788SE 1229.79
Weslaco11:55Fair897462SE 729.79
Edinburg Intl Airport11:55Partly Cloudy897565SE 729.79
South Padre Island Heliport11:55NA797794E 1329.81
Jim Hogg County Airport11:50Overcast857163NE 629.85
Kingsville, Naval Air Station11:56Mostly Cloudy827888S 529.82
Corpus Christi International Airport11:51Overcast827682SE 629.83
Port Isabel-Cameron County Airport11:53 Fog/Mist817788SE 1229.80
McAllen, Miller International Airport11:53A Few Clouds897563S 529.80
Brooks County Airport11:55Overcast756877E 529.81
Zapata County Airport11:55Mostly Cloudy917151NE 529.82
Alice International Airport11:53Overcast827579Vrbl 329.83
Laredo International Airport11:56Partly Cloudy907256E 829.87
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