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San Antonio TX, TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
San Antonio International Airport12:51A Few Clouds956234SE 930.08
San Antonio, Stinson Municipal Airport12:53Fair955829E 730.05
Randolph Air Force Base12:58Partly Cloudy965828S 830.07
Port San Antonio12:58A Few Clouds956032Vrbl 330.06
New Braunfels Municipal Airport12:51Fair976130Vrbl 330.05
Hondo Municipal Airport12:51Fair946133S 830.09
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport12:53Mostly Cloudy956537Calm30.06
Burnet Municipal Craddock Field12:53 Thunderstorm in Vicinity926643Vrbl 330.12
Cotulla-La Salle County Airport12:53Fair975726SE 13 G 1830.04
Junction, Kimble County Airport12:51A Few Clouds955829SE 930.10
Del Rio International Airport12:53Fair975827SE 1530.03
San Angelo, Mathis Field12:51A Few Clouds956132S 730.10
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport12:53 Light Rain816457SW 830.15
Houston Intercontinental Airport12:53 Thunderstorm847574NE 1830.07
Corpus Christi International Airport12:51Partly Cloudy977042SE 16 G 2230.04
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