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San Antonio TX, TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
San Antonio International Airport07:51Overcast777388E 629.96
San Antonio, Stinson Municipal Airport06:53Overcast767494NE 529.92
Randolph Air Force Base06:58Overcast747497E 629.95
Port San Antonio06:58Overcast767390E 729.93
New Braunfels Municipal Airport07:51 Fog/Mist767391E 629.95
Hondo Municipal Airport07:51Overcast777388E 729.97
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport06:53Overcast757394E 729.96
Burnet Municipal Craddock Field06:53Mostly Cloudy737194SE 330.00
Cotulla-La Salle County Airport05:53Overcast787487E 729.89
Junction, Kimble County Airport07:51Partly Cloudy756982E 330.00
Del Rio International Airport06:53Overcast777388E 729.91
San Angelo, Mathis Field07:51Overcast737194E 530.00
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport06:53Mostly Cloudy747088SE 730.00
Houston Intercontinental Airport06:53Partly Cloudy747294NE 729.96
Corpus Christi International Airport07:51Partly Cloudy827785NE 1029.90
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