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San Antonio TX, TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
San Antonio International Airport19:51Fair826455SE 929.84
San Antonio, Stinson Municipal Airport19:53Fair846349E 729.81
Port San Antonio19:56Fair826351E 929.81
New Braunfels Municipal Airport19:51Fair796460SE 829.83
Hondo Municipal Airport19:51Fair876243SE 1029.84
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport19:53A Few Clouds796562E 629.83
Burnet Municipal Craddock Field19:53Fair813519N 729.89
Cotulla-La Salle County Airport19:53Fair885836SE 829.79
Junction, Kimble County Airport19:51Fair832713NE 629.90
Del Rio International Airport19:53Overcast91187N 10 G 1829.81
San Angelo, Mathis Field19:51Fair812714N 629.91
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport19:53A Few Clouds764635N 1029.86
Houston Intercontinental Airport19:53A Few Clouds786667S 629.83
Corpus Christi International Airport19:51Partly Cloudy776977SE 1329.83
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