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Austin TX, TX
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Camp Mabry / Austin City14:51Fair865940Calm30.11
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport14:53A Few Clouds865940S 330.10
Georgetown Automatic Weather Observing / Reporting14:51Clear846145Vrbl 630.10
San Marcos Municipal Airport14:48Clear885735Calm30.11
New Braunfels Municipal Airport14:51Fair875635Vrbl 330.10
San Antonio International Airport14:51Fair865636SW 530.11
Temple / Miller Automatic Weather Observing/Report14:55Fair846145SW 830.10
Killeen - Skylark Field14:55Fair886140SW 830.09
Junction, Kimble County Airport14:51Fair865433S 930.13
San Angelo, Mathis Field14:51Fair885027S 830.11
Abilene Regional Airport14:52Fair885229S 1430.11
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport14:53Fair866143SW 930.08
Houston Intercontinental Airport14:53Fair845841Calm30.11
Burnet Municipal Craddock Field14:53Fair855739Vrbl 730.14
Del Rio International Airport14:53Fair856043SE 1330.09
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