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Sky/Weather Temp.
Black Hills Airport-Clyde Ice Field12:35Fair and Breezy724133NW 22 G 3030.22
Buffalo12:56Windy733727N 29 G 4430.07
Belle Fourche
Chadron Municipal Airport12:53Fair824426NW 20 G 2630.14
Custer County Airport12:53Fair713426N 1030.25
Faith12:56Windy754231NW 28 G 4030.08
Dead Horse
Gillette12:53Fair723829N 17 G 3130.24
Hettinger Municipal Airport12:53Fair and Windy743423NW 32 G 3830.09
Pine Ridge Airport12:52Partly Cloudy805137N 1030.12
Inyan Kara
Philip Airport12:55Fair and Breezy824224NW 24 G 3930.05
Rapid City Regional Airport12:52Fair and Windy774026NW 29 G 4430.15
Winner Regional Airport12:53Partly Cloudy and Windy844525NW 32 G 4029.99
Ellsworth Air Force Base12:58Fair and Breezy774127NW 25 G 3330.14
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