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Sulphur OK, OK
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Ardmore Municipal14:55Partly Cloudy956841SE 730.00
Pauls Valley Municipal Airport14:55Partly Cloudy946639SE 9 G 1730.00
Ardmore Downtown Executive Airport14:55Mostly Cloudy936134S 1030.00
Ada Municipal Airport14:55Partly Cloudy917049SE 630.03
Gainesville Municipal Airport14:55Partly Cloudy926642E 830.02
Norman / Max Westheimer14:55Mostly Cloudy936844E 12 G 1830.02
North Texas Regional Airport14:55Partly Cloudy946335E 8 G 1830.02
Duncan/Halliburton Field Airport
Shawnee Municipal Airport14:55Partly Cloudy977244SE 830.04
Durant/Eaker Field Airport14:55Partly Cloudy956436E 1030.02
Atoka Municipal Airport14:55Fair977753S 730.01
Tinker Air Force Base14:58A Few Clouds946640E 930.03
Oklahoma City, Will Rogers World Airport14:52Mostly Cloudy946538SE 13 G 1730.02
Chickasha Municipal Airport14:55Fair976434SE 930.01
Oklahoma City, Wiley Post Airport14:53Fair966536SE 10 G 2430.02
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