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Felicity OH, OH
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Covington / Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky11:52Partly Cloudy826353SE 830.09
Port Columbus International Airport11:51Partly Cloudy775547SE 730.14
Cox Dayton International Airport11:56Partly Cloudy776158SE 830.13
Wilmington, Airborne Airpark Airport11:54Fair766262SE 830.13
Hamilton, Butler County Regional Airport11:53Fair816354E 830.10
Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field11:53Fair816354S 630.09
Evansville Regional Airport11:54Fair857470SE 630.01
Shelbyville Municipal Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy756571Vrbl 530.07
Dayton General Airport South Airport11:53Fair776362SE 930.11
Columbus, Ohio State University Airport11:53Fair755550SE 930.14
Indianapolis International Airport11:54Overcast716581SE 930.06
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport11:54A Few Clouds857163S 730.09
Frankfort, Capital City Airport11:53Fair827067E 530.07
Columbus / Bakalar09:55Partly Cloudy706483Calm30.07
Bloomington, Monroe County Airport11:53Partly Cloudy826965SE 730.04
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