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Batavia OH, OH
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Covington / Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky13:52Overcast26642E 530.62
Port Columbus International Airport13:51Mostly Cloudy22-038E 530.67
Cox Dayton International Airport13:56Mostly Cloudy22242SE 1030.64
Wilmington, Airborne Airpark Airport13:54Overcast21652NE 830.63
Hamilton, Butler County Regional Airport13:53Mostly Cloudy26642E 330.66
Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field13:53Overcast27743NE 730.67
Evansville Regional Airport13:54Overcast311347E 830.58
Shelbyville Municipal Airport13:53Fair24748E 830.63
Dayton General Airport South Airport13:53Partly Cloudy23444E 730.63
Columbus, Ohio State University Airport13:53Overcast22-136E 530.66
Indianapolis International Airport13:54Partly Cloudy23546SE 1230.61
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport13:54Overcast311449Vrbl 630.60
Frankfort, Capital City Airport13:53NA291351E 830.60
Columbus / Bakalar13:57Mostly Cloudy27133E 630.63
Bloomington, Monroe County Airport13:53Partly Cloudy26337E 830.58
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