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Batavia OH, OH
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Covington / Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky16:52Overcast857470W 729.98
Port Columbus International Airport16:51Overcast837065S 729.95
Cox Dayton International Airport16:56Mostly Cloudy857368N 1229.98
Wilmington, Airborne Airpark Airport16:54Partly Cloudy847370W 629.98
Hamilton, Butler County Regional Airport16:53A Few Clouds857572W 829.97
Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field16:53Mostly Cloudy867467W 729.96
Evansville Regional Airport16:54A Few Clouds917559SW 829.96
Shelbyville Municipal Airport16:53Mostly Cloudy877261W 729.97
Dayton General Airport South Airport16:53Mostly Cloudy847574Vrbl 629.97
Columbus, Ohio State University Airport16:53Overcast817172SW 629.96
Indianapolis International Airport16:54Mostly Cloudy856959Calm29.97
Lexington, Blue Grass Airport16:54A Few Clouds907562W 829.98
Frankfort, Capital City Airport16:53Partly Cloudy877567SW 1029.95
Columbus / Bakalar16:59A Few Clouds867570NW 629.97
Bloomington, Monroe County Airport16:53A Few Clouds887361Vrbl 329.98
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