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Carlsbad NM, NM
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Carlsbad/Cavern Cty08:53 Light Rain666390E 730.21
Artesia Municipal Airport08:35Partly Cloudy6464100NE 630.23
Hobbs/Lea Co.08:50Overcast685769NE 930.25
Roswell/Industrial08:51Partly Cloudy705968NE 930.24
Pine Springs, Guadalupe Mountains National Park07:51A Few Clouds and Breezy665875E 2230.31
El Paso International Airport08:51Overcast756264S 330.22
Alamogordo-White08:35A Few Clouds726478S 330.24
Winkler County Airport08:53 Light Rain706482N 830.19
Pecos Municipal Airport08:35Overcast736269N 1030.19
Odessa-Schlemeyer Field08:53Mostly Cloudy746062N 13 G 2130.20
Midland International Airport08:53Mostly Cloudy766262N 1430.18
Gaines County Airport08:35Overcast705662NE 1030.23
Casparis Municipal Airport08:35Overcast676181N 1430.32
Marfa08:35Fair and Breezy726169N 22 G 2830.28
Albuquerque Intl Airport08:52Mostly Cloudy715863SE 930.28
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