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Middle River MN, MN
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Thief River Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting21:35Overcast373487SE 17 G 2329.91
Grand Forks International Airport20:53 Light Rain and Breezy413889SE 22 G 3229.84
Hallock Municipal Airport21:33 Light Rain and Breezy413993SE 21 G 2629.89
Roseau Municipal Automatic Weather Observing21:34 Light Drizzle433781SE 1429.93
Waskish Municipal Airport21:28 Rain393687E 929.96
Crookston Municipal Field21:35 Unknown Precip393793SE 20 G 3329.89
Fosston Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting Sys21:35 Light Rain3434100SE 12 G 2029.89
Baudette International Airport20:53Overcast492743S 1029.93
Bemidji21:31 Light Snow3232100SE 729.94
Park Rapids Municipal Airport20:53 Light Rain Fog/Mist343397E 1029.91
Detroit Lakes Automatic Weather Observing / Report21:35 Rain and Breezy373693SE 22 G 2529.85
Fargo, Hector International Airport20:53 Light Rain413786SE 1429.82
Falls International Airport20:55Fair492235SE 829.95
Devils Lake Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting21:35Overcast and Breezy373281SE 2129.74
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