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Shreveport LA, LA
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Shreveport Regional Airport13:56Mostly Cloudy927151SE 7 G 1729.96
Shreveport Downtown Airport13:53Mostly Cloudy907358SE 829.97
Monroe Regional Airport13:53Mostly Cloudy897461S 10 G 1630.01
Alexandria International Airport13:53Fair917559SE 1229.97
Texarkana Regional-Webb Field13:53A Few Clouds926947S 1029.97
Little Rock, Adams Field13:53Mostly Cloudy897053S 12 G 1830.00
Longview, Gregg County Airport13:53Partly Cloudy956943S 9 G 2029.96
Tyler Pounds Field13:53A Few Clouds936844S 1029.96
Lufkin, Angelina County Airport13:53Partly Cloudy937352S 829.96
Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport13:53Partly Cloudy947148S 15 G 2429.89
Houston Intercontinental Airport13:53 Light Rain817584Calm29.95
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
Chesapeake Bay,VA
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