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Ormond Beach FL, FL
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Daytona Beach International Airport12:53Mostly Cloudy897359W 930.08
Orlando / Sanford Airport11:53Partly Cloudy907563W 830.09
St. Augustine Airport12:58Mostly Cloudy937149SW 10 G 1830.07
Ocala Municipal Automatic Weather Observing12:50Partly Cloudy887259NW 530.09
NASA Shuttle Landing Facility12:58A Few Clouds907868Vrbl 530.09
Jacksonville International Airport12:56Mostly Cloudy917356SW 1330.05
Gainesville Regional Airport12:53Partly Cloudy897359W 1530.07
Tallahassee Regional Airport12:53Mostly Cloudy917356W 930.06
Leesburg International Airport12:53 Thunderstorm in Vicinity857265Calm30.11
Orlando International Airport12:53A Few Clouds907358S 830.09
Orlando, Kissimmee Municipal Airport12:50Mostly Cloudy907563W 630.10
Lakeland Regional12:50 Rain867059NW 15 G 2030.12
Tampa International Airport12:53 Thunderstorm867570SW 630.12
Melbourne International Airport12:53Partly Cloudy907358Vrbl 630.09
Vero Beach Municipal Airport12:53Partly Cloudy907562NW 630.10
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