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Daytona Beach FL, FL
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Location Time
Sky/Weather Temp.
Daytona Beach International Airport11:53A Few Clouds806458E 730.02
Orlando / Sanford Airport11:53Fair846553SE 930.00
St. Augustine Airport11:58A Few Clouds786769E 1230.02
Ocala Municipal Automatic Weather Observing11:50Partly Cloudy with Haze816354S 830.02
NASA Shuttle Landing Facility11:58A Few Clouds836759SE 1030.01
Jacksonville International Airport11:56Mostly Cloudy826251Calm29.99
Gainesville Regional Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy806458S 630.00
Tallahassee Regional Airport11:53Mostly Cloudy846044SE 929.99
Leesburg International Airport11:53Fair806560S 530.02
Orlando International Airport11:53Partly Cloudy846349S 1330.00
Orlando, Kissimmee Municipal Airport11:50Partly Cloudy826658SE 930.01
Lakeland Regional11:50Partly Cloudy816354S 830.02
Tampa International Airport11:53A Few Clouds766569SW 930.02
Melbourne International Airport11:53Fair816762E 1030.01
Vero Beach Municipal Airport11:53Fair836861SE 8 G 1730.01
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